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Dr.Rouhani in a phone call with Turkish Prime Minister:

Zionist regime to receive response to its crimes

The Zionist regime should get the fitting response to its criminal acts against the Gaza civilians, said President Hassan Rouhani in a phone talk with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Friday night.

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Sat 12 - July 2014 - 08:59

President Rouhani and Prime Minister Erdogan were agreed in their phone talk that the injustice and criminal acts of the Zionist regime in Gaza Strip are intolerable, criticized the UN Security Council for its silence in that respect, and emphasized the need for the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon more active acts in this respect.
Expressing deep concern about the intensified criminal acts of the racist Zionist regime in Gaza Strip, Dr.Rouhani said, ˈWe should all do something to make the Zionist regime realize that the Islamic world and the regional countries are supporters of the Palestinians and will not ever abandon them.ˈ
He said that that merciless regime should also know that it will receive a fitting response to the crimes that it commits.
Killing of the defenseless women and children of Gaza is not tolerable and is contrary to the whole human and international laws, reiterated President Rouhani.
ˈOur worries are intensified due to the siege of Gaza and the scarcity of the medical facilities and other needs of the people of that region and in that respect immediate moves of the international community, including the regional countries is necessary, ˈ he said.
He said that Iran and Turkey, as two major and influential Islamic countries shoulder a very heavy responsibility in that respect.
The head of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) announced Iran’s readiness to use its entire capacities, as well as NAMˈs power in collaboration with Turkey for the purpose, stressing the need for further activation of the Islamic countries in that respect.
ˈWe should at any rate try to end the Zionistsˈ attacks and find a way through which the regional countries could forward humanitarian aides and particularly medical facilities and medicine to Gaza residents, ˈ he said.
Dr.Rouhani criticized the silence of the UN Security Council about the Zionist regime’s criminal acts in Gaza Strip, arguing, ˈUnfortunately, the UNSC has still made no move in this respect and we should therefore, all ask it to play an active role respectively.ˈ
Dr.Rouhani reiterated that our region, from Gaza to Syria and Iraq has been plagued with insecurity which is very worrying for the regional countries.
ˈWe are ready for any kind of cooperation and consultations aimed at establishment of security and preventing the massacre of the Muslim peoples of the region, ˈ he added.
The president meanwhile emphasized the need for bilateral cooperation and continuous consultations in that respect.
Turkeyˈs Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, too, in the phone talk emphasized the need for unity and solidarity within the Islamic world, ensuring President Rouhani that Turkey is with all its capabilities on Iran’s side in case of the Palestinian issue, beyond doubt.
ˈToday is the day for cooperation, harmony and unity among the Islamic countries, ˈ he added.
ˈThe cruelties unleashed in Palestine are intolerable and Turkey is ready for any type of joint cooperation to stop them, ˈ reiterated Erdogan.
He said that Iran and Turkey can have a joint cooperation plan in that respect and need to use their entire capabilities and facilities for the purpose.
ˈWe must also ask the UN Secretary General to play a more active role in this respect, ˈ he said.
The Turkish prime minister meanwhile emphasized the need for immediate action, arguing that the ongoing injustice in Gaza is so great that establishment of immediate ceasefire there is necessary.
ˈWe should urge the Zionist regime to yield to a ceasefire, because that regime accepts a ceasefire only after it is urged to accept it, ˈ he said.ˈ

news id: 79192

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