President visiting wounded war veteran Adel Karimi Givi:

Martyrs, veterans have valuable share in Iranian nation's victories against enemies/ Resistance only way against enemies' pressures

President visited wounded war veteran with 70 per cent disability Adel Karimi Givi and talked with him parents in a cordial atmosphere.

President visiting 2 martyrs' family:

We're all responsible to continue martyrs' path in protecting country/ Appreciating martyrs' families

President visited the family of two great martyrs and brothers Alireza and Mohammadreza Baghaei and talked with their parents in a cordial meeting.

President in a meeting with the South African FM:

Deepening Iran-South Africa ties beneficial to both nations

President stressed the development and deepening of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and South Africa and described it beneficial to both nations.

President at a ceremony marking beginning of academic year:

University must become skill-based/ I’m proud of being brought up by both seminary, university/ We don’t favour quantity at the expense of quality/ Iran advanced in many sciences

President stated that increasing quantity without quality at universities is not favourable, adding, “Iranian universities must be turned into skill-based universities”.

President appears in University of Tehran

President appeared in University of Tehran to attend a ceremony marking the beginning of the academic year.

President visits Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi at hospital

President Rouhani paid a visit to Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, who has been hospitalised in Tehran, on Tuesday.

President in a press conference:

Enemies admit that we have handled somewhat critical situation with our patience, wisdom, steadfastness/ Employment displayed great record this summer/ Everyone withstood the psychological war, overcame the crisis/ Iran-UAE ties improving/ Iran seeks peace in region, not insecurity; We’re ready for negotiation

President Hassan Rouhani attended a press conference Monday evening, with domestic and international media, discussing the most important issues and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stances regarding regional and international issues.

President in a meeting with the Pakistani PM:

Tehran-Islamabad ties should deepen to serve both nations’ demands/ Relying on terrorists, Zionist Regime, US doesn’t guarantee security for any country/ Sustainable security, peace in Persian Gulf, Oman Sea, Hormuz Strait only achievable through cooperation among regional states

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stressed that the level of Tehran-Islamabad cooperation and relations should develop in all fields of mutual interests to serve both nations’ demands.

President in a press conference with Pakistani PM:

Any goodwill to be responded with goodwill/ Both Tehran, Islamabad believe regional issues must be resolved through dialogue/ US should return to JCPOA, abandon sanctions

Speaking in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, President stressed that Tehran and Islamabad both share the view that regional issues must be resolved through political ways and dialogue.

At Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex:

President welcomes Pakistani PM

President Hassan Rouhani received the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Sunday at Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex.

President appoints Supreme Council of Education members

President Rouhani appointed 10 members of Supreme Council of Education for a four-year period.

President in a cabinet session:

The era of maximum pressure has come to an end/ Employment figures over the past year impressive/ Turkish government's concerns on its southern borders must be resolved; solution is US withdrawal, presence of Syrian army/ Iranian power today more than ever/ Arba'een one of the historic miracles

The president emphasised the failure of the American conspiracy to exert maximum pressure on the great Iranian nation, saying, "Today, all figures and people's spirit show that the era of maximum pressure has come to an end."