President while opening IKAC’s Salam Terminal-Gallery:

Enemies’ war with Iranians based on war of hope, willpower/ Iranian nation to win the war of willpower/ Developing tourism a key goal of gov’t/ Appreciating all people at work in air industry

President said that the enemies’ war with the Iranian nation is based on the war of hope and willpower, adding, “The goal of their ominous plans is to disappoint the people of Iran from the future and their country’s development”.

President opens IKAC’s Salam Terminal-Gallery

President Hassan Rouhani opened Salam Terminal-Gallery at Imam Khomeini Airport City (IKAC) and visited different parts of the terminal.

New Iranian ambassadors to Greece, Indonesia, Algeria meet with Dr Rouhani

New ambassadors of Iran to Greece, Indonesia, and Algeria met with Dr Rouhani before setting of for their mission.

President while receiving new Chinese Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran ready to promote ties with China in all fields/ Iran welcomes China’s investment, participation in projects

President referred to the long-standing, strategic relations between Iran and China, and said, “Tehran-Beijing cooperation is not limited to any single field, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop relations with China in all fields of mutual interest”.

President while receiving new French Ambassador’s credentials:

Tehran determined to deepen close ties with Paris/ Europe’s time for compensation limited; JCPOA’s collapse not beneficial for Iran, France, region, world

President stated that Iran is determined to develop its close relations with France in all fields of mutual interest, especially economy, adding, “We must not let any factor prevent Tehran-Paris from developing”

President while receiving new Polish Ambassador’s credentials:

Tehran-Warsaw ties long-standing, historical/ Ties should deepen in all fields of mutual interest

President described relations between Iran and Poland long-standing and historical, stressing, “In the recent years, relations between the two countries have always been good and developing, and we hope these ties further deepen”.

President while receiving new Tajik Ambassador’s credentials:

Tehran ready to cement ties with Dushanbe in all fields/ Ties need to develop serving both nations

President underscored the common historical, linguistic, cultural and religious roots of the Iranian and Tajik nations, stressing, “Relations between the two countries are rooted in the culture and literature of the two nations, which have to be taken advantage of”.

President in a cabinet session:

Developing tourism important for employment, social vitality/ Stressing removal of obstacles on the way of ecotourism

President described development of tourism important for economic prosperity, new employment opportunities and social vitality, as well as friendship among cultures and societies.

President in a meeting with Astan Quds Razavi custodian:

Gov’t alongside Astan Quds Razavi to serve Imam Reza’s pilgrims better

President had a meeting with the Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi late on Saturday and stressed that the government is alongside Astan Quds Razavi to serve Imam Reza’s pilgrims better.

Back from two Asian countries;

President arrives in Tehran

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in Tehran minutes ago to end his three-day visit to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which was aimed at attending SCO and CICA summits.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with the President of Tajikistan:

Tehran-Dushanbe ties should deepen serving both nations/ Stressing Iranian companies’ more active role in Tajikistan

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistan stressed that they will do their best to further develop relations between the two countries in all fields of mutual interest to both nations.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with the President of Turkey:

Tehran willing to cement ties with Ankara in all fields, esp. economy, trade/ Iran, Turkey against sanctions, unilateralism in int’l affairs

Stressing that Tehran is willing to cement ties with Ankara in all fields of mutual interest, especially economy and trade, President said that efforts for development of relations need to boost.

President in a meeting with Qatari Emir:

Ties with neighbours Iran’s fixed foreign policy principle/ Bilateral, multilateral cooperation the only way to settle discords/ Tehran willing to further deepen ties with Doha

President described development of relations with neighbouring countries, especially Qatar, as one of the fixed principles of Iran’s foreign policy and said, “Stability and security of the countries of the region are intertwined and we favour moderation, brotherhood, wisdom and foresight in relations between countries”.

President addressing CICA:

Iran’s foreign policy based on cooperation, win-win approach/ Iran ready to draft bilateral, multilateral political, security mechanisms/ Situation in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen result of US policies

President said that achieving an acceptable level of peace, stability and development in today's world require development of regional cooperation and dialogue, saying, “The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on cooperation, synergy, and finding ways to achieve common interests, mutual benefit, and in one word, a win-win policy”.

President in a meeting with Afghan Chief Executive:

Iran favours Afghanistan’s stability, security, development/ Economic ties should deepen

President stressed that Iran favours stability, security and development in Afghanistan, and emphasised that Tehran-Kabul economic relations should develop and deepen.