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Stressed at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination:

Three branches’ cooperation essential for solving people’s problems/Formation of a board to confront US psychological war/Supporting stock exchange, production essential

The meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination was held on Tuesday morning chaired by President Rouhani with heads of the other two branches taking part.

President in a phone call with Qatari Emir:

No obstacle for developing ties; Tehran to still stand by Doha/Iran's policy to have interaction, dialogue for ending regional disputes/No military solution for Yemeni crisis

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed development of relations between Tehran and Doha and stressed that there is no obstacle on the way of development of relations with the friend and brother country of Qatar and that Tehran will still stand by Doha.

At the official invitation of his counterparts;

President to visit Switzerland, Austria

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is making an official visit to Switzerland and Austria at the head of a high-ranking political and economic delegation.

President at a meeting for managing recent market fluctuations:

Providing people's basic needs a priority for gov't/Consumers mustn't pay for profit-seeking of some/Sustainable growth in production depends on normal profit/Public supervision, guilds, economy-media coordination essential

President Hassan Rouhani chaired the meeting on managing recent market fluctuations and said: "People should be sure that production or provision of required goods for the society and solving any issue in production sectors are government's priority".

Cabinet ratifies subsidy payment rule in 1397

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday and approved rules for subsidy payment in year1397.

President at the meeting of authorities and people with Supreme Leader:

We need spirituality, unity, trust, hope in future more than before/What gov’t needs is other branches’ help, esp. people/All countries must stand up to White House rulers’ bullying

Stating that we need to promote the atmosphere of spirituality, unity, trust and hope in the future more than before, President said: “What should accompany the government is other branches’ help, especially people”.

President in a message felicitating Eid al-Fitr to Iranian nation:

I believe that with God’s help, Palestinian land will return back to its real owners/Eid al-Fitr the day of helping the poor, visiting relatives, spiritual freshness

In a message to congratulate Eid al-Fitr to the great Iranian nation, President Rouhani praised Iranian nation’s historic presence in International Quds Day demonstrations in defending the right causes of the oppressed people of Palestine and wrote: “I believe that with God’s help, Palestinian land will return back to its real owners”.

President in a phone call with Malaysian PM:

Islam’s merciful face must be introduced to world/Tehran determined to cement ties with Kuala Lumpur/US’ unilateralism, imposing internal laws on other countries against int’l laws, nations’ freedom

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran referred to the potentials and capabilities in Iran and Malaysia and stressed the importance of tapping them to further develop and deepen Tehran-Kuala Lumpur relations.

President in a meeting with the press and media:

Despair means surrendering to enemies/Losing hope of ballot box means moving towards enemies/We accept criticism, but defamation means giving people wrong address, killing hope in them/Media, press people’s trustees/We’re able to overcome enemies’ psychological war/All US leaders against our nation, this one more evil

President called for integrity in the media against the psychological war of the enemies and said: “Turbulence in the market has no economic reason and the media are at the forefront of fighting the enemies’ psychological war and we are able to overcome this war”.

In a cabinet meeting chaired by President Rouhani;

Gov't allocates credit for supplying water to Shadegan palm trees/Petrochemical units' feed prices in 1397 determined

The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday in a session that was chaired by President Rouhani and allocated 200bn rials of credit to Ministry of Agriculture Jihad to solve water issues in Shadegan, Khuzestan province.

President in a meeting with charity organisation clients:

Gov’t considers backing dear clients of charity foundations a human, Islamic, legal duty/3-fold boost in helping clients means gov’t willpower; this path to continue/Encouraging NGOs to take responsibility for relief clients important

Stressing that the government considers supporting the dear clients of charity organisations as its human, Islamic and legal duty, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Today, charity organisations and institutions, the government and donors must join hands to create an atmosphere in the society to give hope to the children of this society”.

President in a message felicitating new Italian PM on appointment:

Iran-Italy cooperation should promote to serve mutual interests

Dr Rouhani sent a message to the new Prime Minister of Italy to offer him congratulations on his appointment and expressed hope that, “Through political will and serious determination of the authorities of the two countries, bilateral, regional and international cooperation further develop to serve mutual interest”.

Dr Rouhani felicitates Spanish PM on appointment

Dr Rouhani sent a message to the new Prime Minister of Spain to offer him congratulations on his appointment and expressed hope that relations between the two countries further develop in all fields of mutual interest.

In a one-hour phone call;

Dr Rouhani, Macron discuss bilateral, regional issues, nuclear deal

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and France spoke on phone and discussed bilateral and regional subjects, as well as the nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).