In phone calls with Minister of Defence and head of the Department of Environment;

President instructs containing fires and prevent similar incidents

In separate telephone conversations with the Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics and the head of the Department of Environment, the President stressed the need to use all facilities and equipment to control fires in the forests of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province and to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

President’s instructions to the vice-president for legal affairs regarding key gov’t bills

The president gave the Vice-President of Legal Affairs a special mission to advance government’s important bills, including the Security and Violence against Women Bill, the Transparency and Interest Conflict Management Bill, the National Human Rights and Citizenship Bill, and the Civil Liability Bill of Public Institutions.

In a congratulatory message to the Croatian President;

Dr Rouhani felicitates Croatia on National Day

he President of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent a message to President Zoran Milanović of Croatia to congratulate him and the people of Croatia on May 30, the Croatian National Day.

President in a phone call with education minister:

Emphasis eliminating students and their parents' concerns about holding face-to-face exams/ Appreciation of the country's teaching staff and teachers for fulfilling the slogan of "closure of school is not closure of education"

In phone call with the Minister of Education on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani instructed him to cooperate with the health ministry to follow health protocols in schools for conducting face-to-face exams at some education levels in such a way that students and their parents do not have any worries or concerns.

President in a phone call with energy minister:

Gheyzaniyeh water issue must be continuously pursued by the Minister/ Planning to expedite the operation of the country's water and electricity projects/ Emphasis on providing agricultural water resources with the aim of increasing crop production and fulfilling the slogan of Surge in Production

Referring to the previous instructions given to the Minister of Energy and the Governor-General of Khuzestan from the moment that the water problem arose in Gheyzaniyeh, the President once again instructed the Minister of Energy to personally pursue finding a complete and quick solution to the water problem in the area, so that a definite solution to the problem is found by the end of the current month

President in a phone call with health minister:

People must continue heeding health protocols thoroughly and accurately/ Ministry of Health must warn of consequences of not observing health protocols on a regular basis

Emphasising the need for full compliance with health protocols by the people until the stage of controlling COVID-19 is completed, the President instructed the Minister of Health and Medical Education to work with the Health Committee of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in cooperation with the Social and Security Committee under the chairmanship of the Minister of Interior for careful monitoring and supervision of the implementation of health protocols throughout the country, especially in the provinces and cities that are witnessing the growth of the disease.

President felicitates Dr Ghalibaf on his election as Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

In a message congratulating Dr Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf on his election as Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the President expressed hope that with joint efforts and constructive interaction between the government and the Majlis, more synergy takes place in organising the country's affairs to solve people's problems, increase hope in society and serve the great Iranian nation more.

President at the unveiling ceremony of the country's digital economy projects:

Today, the digital economy is a big and important space for the country/ Through cyberspace and the electronic system, we can make transparency and fight corruption/ Bringing the share of knowledge-based and digital economy in GDP to 6.5 percent is a good figure

The President stated that the traditional economy is changing and evolving into a digital economy, adding, "Today, in our country and all over the world, the economy is evolving and the traditional economy is transforming into a digital economy."

At President's order;

4 digital economy projects unveiled

Four infrastructure projects by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology worth 2.28 trillion tomans were unveiled and put into operation on Thursday by the order of Dr Hassan Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani felicitates National Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In a message congratulating the arrival of the National Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the President emphasised that the two countries can take steps to support the welfare and interests of two nations with the high political will in Tehran and Baku.

Dr Rouhani at the meeting of heads of coronavirus task force specialised committees:

We need to educate people to live an active life while fighting coronavirus/ Country's economy is closely linked to health protocols/ By following health protocols, we can vaccinate ourselves against the disease

Emphasising that the country's economy is fully related to the observance of health protocols, the President said, "According to reports on the outbreak of the disease in the country and even in the world, everyone should be ready to live with this virus and define our lifestyle with permanent fight against this disease".

President at cabinet session:

Gov’t, Majlis duty in current tough state to cooperate for resolving issues/ We want to have strong ties with Majlis/ Trade between Iran and a friendly country not US business at all/ We will manage this year’s budget without borrowing from CBI/ All public sectors must sell their shares in stock market

President described cooperation for resolving issues in the current difficult conditions as the responsibility of the government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stressing that the government and the parliament should cooperate with each other to resolve people’s problems.

President at the inauguration ceremony of the 11th term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly:

Majlis symbol of Islamic, religious democracy in the country/ We can leave a lasting memory for people through Majlis-Gov’t cooperation/ Prioritising national interests over factional interests basis for Majlis-Gov’t cooperation

The President described the Islamic Consultative Assembly a symbol of Islamic and religious democracy in the country and emphasised, "The term of office of the government and the Majlis is four years and short, but with cooperation we can leave a lasting memory for decades and even centuries for the people”.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with Swiss counterpart:

Switzerland should play more effective role towards US illegal actions/ Emphasis on deepening ties with Switzerland and sharing experiences in fighting coronavirus

Referring to Switzerland's important role in international relations, the president said, "We expect Switzerland to play a more effective role in this sensitive situation where we are witnessing an increase in US illegal and inhumane sanctions against Iran."

At the meeting of the government's economic coordination board;

President stresses speeding up Justice Shares release process, capital market management and activation to protect shareholders’ rights

At the 138th session of the government's Economic Coordination Board, it was emphasised that the process of transferring and direct supply of stocks should be such as to lead to a reduction in ownership and ultimately to the transfer of public administration.