Fri May 6, 2016 17:27:29
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President during a meeting with Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement:

Iran always a supporter of oppressed Palestinian people/We should try to enlighten public opinions of Muslim youths on Palestine

“The issue of Palestine is very important to us and the Islamic Republic of Iran will always stand by the Palestinian people and resistance,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

President at a ceremony celebrating national Teacher’s Day:

Investing in and bolstering education, the way to sustainable development/Foreign language education should be diverse, qualitative/JCPOA develops hope in our youths

Celebrating national Teacher’s Day at a ceremony, Dr Rouhani said that investment in and strengthening the education system paves the way to sustainable and balanced development and added: “If we wish our culture to grow, the culture budget should be spent on education”.

At the SCCR meeting;

President stresses precision, seriousness in teaching foreign languages

The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution convened late on Tuesday and the President, who was chairing the meeting, stressed that teaching foreign languages should be done with more precision and seriousness.

President in a meeting with Malaysian FM:

No obstacles for deepening Tehran-Kuala Lumpur ties/Muslim countries be united to fight terrorism

There are no obstacles on the way of deepening and developing ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Malaysia in all fields of mutual interest, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia Anifah Aman.

President while receiving Lithuanian Ambassador’s credentials:

Groundwork set for developing ties with Lithuania

President Rouhani had a meeting with the new Accredited Ambassador of Lithuania to Tehran and said: “With the nuclear negotiations bearing fruit and lift of sanctions, new groundwork is set for developing ties between Iran and Lithuania”.

President while receiving Iceland Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran welcomes deepening ties with Iceland

President Rouhani referred to capacities and opportunities of Iran and Iceland and said that Tehran welcomes deepening ties with Iceland in different fields such as economy, new technologies and renewable energies.

President while receiving Montenegro Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran ready to develop ties with Montenegro

President Rouhani referred to the historical and amicable ties of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the countries situated in the Balkans and said: “We hope to witness deepened and developed ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Balkans, especially Montenegro.

President while receiving Togo Ambassador’s credentials:

Developing ties with African countries a top policy for Iran

President Rouhani met with the new Accredited Ambassador of Togo to Tehran and said: “Developing ties and cooperation with African countries has been a top policy for the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

President while receiving new Ukraine Ambassador’s credentials:

Tapping opportunities, common capacities necessary for further Iran-Ukraine ties

President Rouhani had a meeting with the new Ambassador of Ukraine to Tehran Sergei Burdiliak and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes further development of economic, political and cultural ties with Ukraine”.

President while receiving Bangladesh Ambassador’s credentials:

Developing ties with Bangladesh always stressed by Iranian nation, gov’t

President Rouhani referred to amicable and deep cultural and historical ties between Iran and Bangladesh and said: “Developing ties with Bangladesh as a friend and Muslim country has always been stressed by the Iranian nation and government”.

President at the opening ceremony of int’l book fair:

Books, culture symbol of soft power for interacting with nations/Public attention to culture economy necessary/Today world trusts Iran, its commitments

Books and culture are the symbol of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s soft power for interaction with other nations, said President Rouhani at the opening ceremony of 29th International Book Fair being taken place in Aftab City.

President inaugurates int’l book fair

The 29th International Book Fair was inaugurated on Tuesday by President Rouhani, simultaneously with International Exhibition Complex in Aftab City.

Dr Rouhani felicitates Chad President on re-election

President Rouhani sent a message to the President of Chad in order to congratulate him on his re-election and expressed hope that the two countries’ relations be further developed.

President at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and South Korea:

We should make efforts to realise Tehran-Seoul strategic ties/Helping global peace, stability a political, human task for all

Stressing ample capacities and opportunities for development of ties between political, economic and cultural ties between Iran and South Korea, Dr Rouhani underscored using the capacities to realise Tehran-Seoul strategic ties.

President after signing of Iran-S. Korea pacts:

Iran-S. Korea trade coop. to turn strategic, deep-rooted/Iran seeks world without atomic weapons/Iran-S. Korea trade to boost 3 times

“The two sides decided to boost trade cooperation 3 times to reach $18 billion,” said President Rouhani at a press conference after signing of Tehran-Seoul cooperation agreements.