Close Iran-Russia cooperation in combatting terrorism to continue

President Rouhani met with Russian President's special envoy in Middle East affairs, Alexander Lavrentiev on Saturday in Tehran.

Sat 03 - December 2016 - 14:32

After listening to Lavrentiev's report on the latest development in the region and field achievements in fighting terrorism in Syria, Dr Rouhani said: "There is good consultation and cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in this field and it will continue until the ultimate goal, which is eradicating terrorism, is achieved and peace and stability restored in the region".

He also stipulated that the Syrian issue is solvable through political negotiations and respecting people's wishes who are the ultimate and main decision-makers about Syria's future.

Stressing that civilians should be supported, President Rouhani said that delivering humanitarian aid to refugees and the displaced is a must and everyone should do their best in doing so.

Terrorism is a great threat to the region and the world and Iran and Russia should continue to cooperate closely in Syria to combat terrorism, he said.

Rouhani also said: "Without a doubt, cooperation between the two countries in bilateral issues is beneficial to both nations, and cooperation in regional issues is beneficial to the whole region".

Referring to the nuclear agreement, he said: "Everyone should attempt to safeguard the achievements of the agreement and we should not let a country undermine the agreement according to its wishes".

"Iran has always lived up to its commitments and to have a durable JCPOA, other members of P5+1 should also live up to their commitments," Dr Rouhani said.

At the same meeting, Russian President's special envoy in Middle East affairs, Alexander Lavrentiev briefed Dr Rouhani on the latest developments and field achievements in Syria.

President Putin attaches great weight to the trust between the two nations and governments, said Lavrentiev adding: "Russian's stance regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a solid one and there is no reason for its attenuation".

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