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Dr Rouhani in a telephone call with the President of Venezuela:

US imperialism a more dangerous virus than corona for human society/ Emphasis on the need for cooperation between the two countries in OPEC Plus to restore oil price stability

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasised, "The oppressive and illegal sanctions of the United States in the field of oil production against Iran and Venezuela are contrary to international rules and human principles".

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Mon 13 - April 2020 - 19:25

Dr Hassan Rouhani spoke with the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday by telephone and called US imperialism a more dangerous virus than corona for human society, adding, "The American statesmen's greed and bullying behaviour has put pressure on independent nations like Iran and Venezuela".

The president said, "Iran and Venezuela have been able to work together for years against the invading and old virus of the United States in solidarity and cooperation".

Dr Rouhani referred to Iran's plans and actions against coronavirus and the successes achieved in the field of research and production for test kits and other required items and capabilities of our country in the field of hospital and medical equipment and facilities, and added, "We are ready to share our experiences in the fight against coronavirus with the friendly country of Venezuela".

The President praised the steps taken at the OPEC Plus summit and continued, "We must continue to work together to reduce production and return prices to a balanced state".

Stating that cooperation between the two countries should continue and that Iranian and Venezuelan officials should work together so that the two governments can help each other, the president said, "The development of cooperation and relations between the two countries will certainly benefit the two great nations of Iran and Venezuela".

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also expressed solidarity with the Iranian government and people and praised our country's success in fighting coronavirus, adding, "Iran and Venezuela have always been united in their fight against imperialism".

"Today, all the countries of the world are in a joint front in fighting coronavirus," he said, adding, "Overcoming this virus is a difficult task and requires a lot of effort and cooperation".

Maduro also said that the country wants to use Iran's experience in the fight against coronavirus, and called for a video conference of the two countries' health ministers in this regard.

Referring to the OPEC Plus summit and expressing hope that the agreement will be implemented to achieve stability in the global oil market, the Venezuelan president added, "Despite extensive efforts to prevent the progress of free countries, the United States has not succeeded".

news id: 114725

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