Resisting modern technologies an outdated approach/Knowing technology, creating its culture the only way for addressing tech-related issues/We can’t separate people’s lives from technological, communication developments

President described communications and information technology the symbol of development of societies and stated that resisting modern technologies and developments an outdated approach.

Mon 21 - January 2019 - 10:22

Speaking in a meeting with the minister, deputies and managers of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on Monday, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed, “Having a proper understanding of modern technologies and creating its culture is the only way to address issues related to technology”.

“Opposing people’s demands is not religiously and legally right,” he said, adding, “Modern technologies have many advantages and limited risks, and we cannot separate people’s lives from developments in technology and communication”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “Religion is the fruit of choice, not imposition”.

“Going to extremes in using the cyberspace as a tool turns it into a threat,” he continued, adding, “Neither blocking, nor letting the cyberspace be doesn’t lead us to what we wish”.

He also said, “We need to increase media literacy in the society. Monopoly does not work in any phenomenon; be it in the media or technology”.

Stating that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology must stop unwelcomed SMS advertising, he said, “Proper use of communication tools is essential but people’s time and money mustn’t be sacrificed for money”.

Dr Hassan Rouhani also continued, “The cyberspace is the basis and tool for spreading justice”.

“Everybody should help for quick realisation of e-government,” he continued, saying, “People should be able to do things with only one card”.

“Organising people’s health information should be the most important responsibility of the e-government,” added Rouhani.

He also went on to say, “E-government is the only way to ensure honesty in economy and the administration”.

President Rouhani continued, “The government has paid a high price so that people can have better access to the Internet and the cyberspace”.

He also stated, “Apart from infrastructural affairs, all affairs should be handed over to people”.

Regarding hijab, the Quran addresses men first, said Rouhani, adding, “What is hijab primarily meant to do is ensuring safety and security for women”.

“Women are more honest in administrative and management affairs,” the President said.

“Wherever we assigned a responsibility to women and the young, we were successful,” said Rouhani, adding, “Minister of Communications and Information Technology’s good performance is an example”.

He also continued, “Communication technologies do not waste capital, but create capital,” adding, “Communication technologies can fuel industry and tourism”.

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