President emphasises in a cabinet meeting:

Ashura symbol of justice, anti-oppression; Arba'een procession symbol of love, affection for all good things/ Ordering Ministry of Interior, Arba'een Headquarters to facilitate return of Arba'een pilgrims

Ayatollah Raisi stressed the need to serve and preserve the dignity of the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) and said, "There should be no problem for the return of pilgrims".

Ayatollah Raisi felicitates Turkmenistan on independence anniversary

In a message congratulating the government and people of Turkmenistan on the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence, the President expressed hope that a new chapter in the further development of friendly cooperation between the two countries in all cultural, economic and political fields would begin.

Discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board;

CBI obliged to return foreign exchange resources from abroad/ Next year's budget should take into account expert views of regulatory bodies

Emphasising the need to stabilise the market and take measures to prevent currency fluctuations, the President instructed the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to return foreign currencies abroad by activating banking and economic mechanisms.

Ayatollah Raisi while receiving the credentials of the new Austrian Ambassador:

Iran, Austria to take steps to strengthen relations beyond the will and influence of others/ Sanctions cannot prevent the development of relations and cooperation between Iran and other countries / Iran's nuclear activities completely peaceful

Emphasising that the relations and cooperation between Iran and Austria can be further developed, the President said, "The two countries should attempt to take steps for the development of bilateral and international cooperation despite the will and influence of others and only in the interests of the two nations”.

Ayatollah Raisi while receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of Sri Lanka:

No obstacles for development of ties with Sri Lanka/ Emphasis on taking new steps in developing economic, trade relations

Referring to the potential for development of relations between Iran and Sri Lanka, the President said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to activate all capacities for cooperation between the two countries."

Ayatollah Raisi while receiving the credentials of the new British ambassador:

Iran seeks cooperation with all countries, but this cooperation must be based on mutual respect/ The Islamic Republic won’t succumb to coercion, does not accept anything against the right

The President said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran wants to establish cooperation and interaction with all countries, but this cooperation must be based on mutual respect and taking into account the interests of nations, and the hegemonic current and the system of domination should not overshadow these relations."

Ayatollah Raisi while receiving credentials of the new Ambassador of Belarus:

Iran-Belarus trade, economic exchanges to be further developed/ Iran's private sector ready to transfer experience in technical, engineering services

The President said, "Iran-Belarus relations need progress in all fields, including economic and trade, and the ambassadors of the two countries can play an important role in this direction."

Hosted by the President;

Heads of the three branches meet

The heads of the three branches met on Saturday afternoon in a meeting hosted by Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

Ayatollah Raisi at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Thank God, we have reached 50m in vaccination; nationwide vaccination reaching 70% target/ We have reached a point where we seek to impose smart restrictions, reduce existing ones instead of imposing new ones

"Today we have reached a point where, instead of imposing new restrictions, we have to plan and decide on lifting the restrictions, but we must be careful to follow the exact procedure," said the President, adding that the nationwide vaccination is approaching our 70% target.

Ayatollah Raisi at a ceremony marking the beginning of the new school year:

School a sacred place, a place for thinking/ Spending on education biggest investment/ Country’s progress possible through education, training / No one should be deprived of education due to poverty

The President described the purpose of creation of human as growth and excellence and walking down the path of education, and emphasising the importance and special place of education in human life, he said, "School is a sacred place and a place for thinking."

President appearing in a school in Shahr-e-Rey;

1400-1401 school year begins officially

The 1400-1401 school year officially began on Saturday morning, in compliance with health protocols, with the ringing of the bell of Saleh Abad’s Foladfar School by the son of martyr Hadi Narimani in the presence of Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

Ayatollah Raisi in a press conference at the end of the trip to Ilam:

A work group to be formed to follow up implementation of provincial trip resolutions/ Ilam province can be centre of agriculture, animal husbandry in

At the end of his visit to Ilam province, the president announced the establishment of a work group in the provinces for which the executive vice president will follow up on the implementation of the resolutions.

Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Ilam Province:

Ilam has done its best for the revolution, system, and justice-oriented attention to province a public duty/ Backing a powerful, brave manager in workplace everyone's duty

Emphasising the need for balanced development of the country, the President said, "If the development of the country is accompanied by social justice, the people of all regions of the country will feel its sweet taste".

Ayatollah Raisi expresses condolences on Ali Lendi's demise

In a message of condolences on the demise of Ali Lendi, a brave teenager from Izeh, the President wrote, "The name of this dear teenager, who bravely went into the fire to save the lives of two people, will be registered among the national heroes of this land along with Hossein Fahmideh and Behnam Mohammadi".

In an unannounced visit to a deprived neighbourhood on outskirts of Ilam;

Ayatollah Raisi: Resolving problems of deprived areas, suburbs necessity/ Gov't by your side, at your service

On Friday evening, the President made an unannounced visit to the deprived neighbourhood of Haniwan on the outskirts of Ilam and met in person with the people of the neighbourhood.