President visits Rasht's Presidential Public Relations Centre

During the visit to Gilan province, the President visited the Presidential Public Relations Centre in Rasht on Friday evening and stressed the need to respond accurately and quickly to the demands of the people.

Dr Raisi in a meeting with elites, families of martyrs and representatives of various groups of the people of Gilan province:

All gov't departments obliged to solve people's problems / Gilan province an agricultural hub / No gov't department has the right to occupy the coast that belongs to people

The President called the duty of all government departments to try to solve the problems of the people and create hope in society and said, "Today it is necessary to compensate the shortcomings and backwardness in the context of the second step of the Islamic Revolution and with jihadist and revolutionary work".

President visits Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali's grave/ Emphasis on introducing the character of Mirza Kuchak Khan to the younger generation

The President paid tribute to Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali as the great martyr visiting his grave and praying for him.

Ayatollah Raisi emphasises on eliminating pollution of Goharrood and Zarjoub rivers in Rasht

Referring to the problems caused by the pollution of the Goharrood and Zarjoub rivers in Rasht, the President called for organising the situation and eliminating the source of pollution in the rivers.

Dr Raisi emphasises accelerating completion of Chabahar railway connection to Anzali port

Referring to the economic advantages of connecting the Chabahar railway to Anzali port, the president stressed the need to speed up the completion of this railway corridor.

President visits Caspian Port Maritime Traffic Control Centre

During his visit to the Caspian Port Maritime Traffic Control Centre, the President was briefed on the port's development capabilities and benefits.

Ayatollah Raisi visits Iran Pooshesh Industries Company

The President visited the Iran Pooshesh Industries Company, which is undergoing renovation and commissioning operations in recent months after years of shutdown.

President at Rasht's Sardar Jangal Airport:

Gov't seeks to activate the capacities of Gilan province

Pointing out that Gilan province has a wide range of economic and tourism capacities, the President said, "The government seeks to activate the capacities of Gilan province in order to create employment and boost production in the province through studies and plans".

To mark his 15th provincial trip;

President arrives in Gilan province

The President arrived in Gilan province a few minutes ago to mark his 15th provincial trip.

In a message to the Iranian people;

President congratulates Iran's national football team on qualifying for the 2022 World Cup

In a message to the Iranian nation, Ayatollah Raisi congratulated Iran's national football team on qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

President in a meeting with women from various social groups:

Gov't pursues issues related to women, family with expert view/ Backing women's work, business in cyberspace important

Praising the effective role of women in various social, political and economic fields, the President said, "The government will not hesitate to use the talents, knowledge and abilities of educated women in various fields and to advance affairs."

Qatari Foreign Minister meets with Ayatollah Raisi;

Official invitation of the Emir of Qatar from Dr Raisi to attend GECF Summit/ Strengthening coordination, synergy in the policies of energy producing countries essential

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar met with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and presented the official invitation of the Emir of Qatar to Ayatollah Raisi to attend the Gas Exporting Countries Forum Summit.

President in a meeting with representatives of Khuzestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Lorestan provinces:

Gov't, Majlis can take lasting steps to solve issues of different parts of country

The President said that the government and parliament can work together to take lasting steps to solve the problems of different parts of the country and the concerns of the people.

Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with the Minister of Defence of Azerbaijan:

Tehran-Baku ties based on the two peoples' beliefs in common religious principles/ Iran ready to provide technical, engineering capabilities to the Azerbaijani brothers

The President stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved high capabilities and power in various fields thanks to the Islamic Revolution, adding, "Iran is ready to provide its technical and engineering capabilities in various fields to the Azerbaijani brothers".

President emphasises at the cabinet meeting;

Importance of explaining gov't work in various fields to create hope in society

Emphasising the importance of creating hope in the prosperity of society, the President said, "All institutions have a duty to explain to the public the achievements made and the plans made during this period to make up for the shortcomings and backwardness".