Addressing 1st Vice-President and Minister of Intelligence;

Ayatollah Raisi orders immediate investigation of possible violations in the import of livestock inputs

The President called on the First Vice-President and the Minister of Intelligence to immediately investigate the news of possible violations in the import of livestock inputs and report the results to him.

President at the meeting of the Administrative Council of North Khorasan:

People do not expect to see half-finished work with this parliament and government in the second step of the Islamic Revolution

Emphasising the need to accelerate the development of North Khorasan province, the President said, "Despite the efforts made, we are still witnessing backwardness in the infrastructure of this province, and overcoming this backwardness requires a jihadist act such as the time of the Holy Defence".

Dr Raisi in the press conference at the end of the trip to North Khorasan province:

People of Iran have always been at the forefront of humanitarian aid and will be with the people of Afghanistan this time as well

At the end of his visit to North Khorasan, the President mentioned the establishment of a production chain and complementary industries, the development of a petrochemical complex, the activation of border markets, the establishment of a permanent market for handicrafts and the acceleration of the Mashhad-Gorgan railway project as the government’s most important decisions for accelerating the process of development in the province stated”.

Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with a group of elites of North Khorasan province:

In taxation, trust in the guilds is basis/ When we talk about the Popular Administration, the view of the people and the elites must have an effect in the administration of the country

The President said, "I have no doubt that the views and opinions of the elites can be a source of good decision-making for the government. When we talk about the Popular Administration, the view of the people and the elites must have an effect in the administration of the country”.

In a message to the patient nation of Afghanistan;

President offers condolences over earthquake casualties in Afghanistan

The President offered condolences over the loss of a number of Muslim people of the noble neighbour of the Iranian nation in the tragic earthquake and stressed that the Iranian nation and government are by your side and will exercise its neighbourliness in this regard.

Ayatollah Raisi addressing the people of North Khorasan;

Gov’t greatest success to create conditions for work, production, better use of facilities and capacities/ Thanks to authority created by people, we increased oil sales without creating a new commitment for the country

The President stated that he was aware of the living conditions of the dear people in the city and in the village, and added, "There is no hour for me without thinking about people’s living conditions, and I am looking for ways to reduce the problems and hardships day and night”.

Dr Raisi speaking amongst prayers at Imam Khomeini Mosque in Javadiyeh neighbourhood of Bojnourd:

Appreciation of the efforts of popular groups in dealing with social harms/ Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in society with a focus on reminding executive organs to perform better tasks

The President stressed the need to perform the duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in society, focusing on reminding the executive apparatus to perform its duties as best as possible.

President visits livestock town of ‘Qarloq’ of Bojnourd;

Pursuing resolutions of the problems of ranchers in the meeting of Administrative Council of North Khorasan Province

Visiting the Qarloq livestock town in Bojnourd, Ayatollah Raisi stressed the need to review the requests of ranchers at a meeting of the Administrative Council.

Dr Raisi in a meeting with the family of the martyrs of Javadiyeh neighbourhood of Bojnourd:

Everyone, wherever they are, must respect the blood of martyrs

In the presence of the families of the martyrs of Javadiyeh neighbourhood of Bojnourd, the President emphasised the need to preserve the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs by anyone and in any place.

In the 26th provincial tour of the Popular Administration;

Ayatollah Raisi visits Khorasan Petrochemical Complex

Appearing at the Khorasan Petrochemical Complex, the President was closely acquainted with the development process of the production unit.

Dr Raisi upon arrival in Bojnourd:

North Khorasan one of country’s agricultural hubs/ Border markets good ground for prosperity of trade, commerce with the neighbouring country

The President called North Khorasan one of the agricultural hubs of the country and specified, "Special attention should be paid to the agriculture of the province. Also, due to the border of the province, border markets are a good ground for trade and commerce with the neighbouring country”.

To mark the 26th provincial tour of the Popular Administration;

Ayatollah Raisi arrives in North Khorasan province

The President arrived in Bojnourd, the capital of North Khorasan province, a few minutes ago to mark the 26th provincial tour of the Popular Administration.

Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with Russian FM:

Ongoing consultations between Iranian and Russian officials signify serious will to shape new era of beneficial strategic cooperation/ Tehran, Moscow stress ban on any foreign presence in the Caspian Sea

Referring to the importance of cooperation between neighbouring countries in the Caspian Sea, the President stressed the prohibition of any foreign military presence in the region, and especially the exceptional situation of the coasts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ayatollah Raisi in the cabinet meeting:

The efforts of doctors and nurses in curbing COVID-19 examples of creating hope in society/ Martyrs Dr Chamran, Gen. Soleimani models of creating hope

The President described single-digit death cases -and in some days zero number of victims- and the very low rate of COVID-19 casualties in the country, which has made it possible to reopen classes and create vitality in the country, as the result of people's support, especially the efforts and actions of the medical staff and nurses, and appreciated these efforts".

Discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board;

CBI's report on organising banks and credit institutions with non-constructive activities/ Continuation of the efforts of the Central Bank in cooperation with other related institutions to manage the foreign exchange market

The President emphasised that by adhering to legal resolutions, the credit institutions that cause liquidity increase and inflation in the country with unhealthy performance should be organised and assigned as soon as possible.