Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the cabinet with the Supreme Leader:

The enemy sought the collapse of economy, country with an economic conspiracy in 2018, which failed/ Formation of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council by order of the Supreme Leader was one of the most important helps to gov't

During a meeting of the cabinet with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Wednesday, the President thanked the Supreme Leader for his support and guidance to the government during the eight-year period, and reported on the government's work and activities in these 8 years.

In the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday;

Adoption of executive regulations encouraging participation to support the integration and strengthening of companies' capabilities/ Special programme to improve the level of nomads' access to health services, insurance and support services

The meeting of the Council of Ministers was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of President Hassan Rouhani, during which the executive regulations encouraging participation to support the integration and strengthening of the capabilities of companies was adopted.

President appoints Mr Seyyed Hassan Hashemi as Chairman of Iranian ICT Guild Organisation

As suggested by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the President appointed Mr Seyyed Hassan Hashemi as the Chairman of the Iranian ICT Guild Organisation for three years.

President condoles Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Seyyed Reza Hosseini's demise

In a message, the President expressed his condolences over the demise of Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Haj Seyyed Reza Hosseini Golpayegani to Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Mohammadi Golpayegani and his family.

President in the last meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board played the role of war headquarters in difficult conditions of sanctions, economic war/ Thanking regular, motivated presence of members in sessions

The 243rd meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, which is the last meeting in the Twelfth Government, was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the President.

President at the inauguration ceremony of projects of free zone and environment organisations:

11th, 12th gov’ts promoted health, environment/ Gov’t tried to turn free zones from importers to production, export centres

President said that in the field of free trade and economic zones, a very good activity has been done in the last 8 years, adding, "Our effort was for the free economic and trade zones to turn from importers of goods to production and export centres and centres for attracting domestic and foreign capital”.

Dr Rouhani in cabinet meeting:

Enemy’s dirty hands, provocations of some internal currents behind recent events in Khuzestan/ Gov’t cannot ignore people's right to protest only because enemies may misuse it

The cabinet meeting was held on Sunday afternoon, chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, during which the First Vice President presented a report on his visit to Khuzestan province.

President condoles Alireza Tabesh' demise

In a message of condolences on the passing of the late Alireza Tabesh, the head of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, the President wrote, "This educated figure and active and capable manager, served for many years in important positions and provided many services in the field of development and prosperity of the country, especially in deprived villages and areas".

President at the Annual General Meeting of the Central Bank:

Gov't never used monetary base for debts, borrowing/ If all sanctions lifted but FATF issue not resolved, we won't have normal banking relations with world

Appreciating the monetary and banking measures and programmes of the Central Bank over the past eight years, the President said, "With the work and policies of the Central Bank and the implementation of economic programmes, we were able to reduce the pressures of economic war on the people to a large extent".

President in the last meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology in 12th gov't:

Development of information technology has led to transparency, social justice/ In today's world, cyberspace, digital economy a reality that cannot be avoided/ Transparency, fight against corruption almost impossible without access to information technology

The President stated that valuable measures have been taken in the field of information technology and cyberspace development in the government of Prudence and Hope, saying, "With the development of information technology, the speed of service delivery has increased, transparency and social justice have been strengthened and data are more secure".

Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of projects of Ministry of Energy:

11th, 12th gov't have acceptable performance in Khuzestan/ In the last 8 years, a lot of work has been done for Khuzestan province in various fields

The President stated that during the 8 years of the government's term of office, it has done very important and valuable work in various fields, including electricity supply, solving water and sewage problems in different cities of the province, preparing agricultural lands and developing the Arvand Free Zone in Khuzestan province, adding, "The record of the eleventh and twelfth governments towards Khuzestan is acceptable".

President in a phone call with the Governor-General of Khuzestan:

All potentials should be used to solve water problem quickly/ We must respect protestors' rights/ We must not allow illegal behaviour of a few to cause the rightful protest of the people of Khuzestan not to be heard

The President described people's protest in the difficult and unbearable conditions caused by the drought and extreme heat in Khuzestan the right of the people of the important province, and emphasised, "We must respect the rights of the protesters and listen to their words".

President at the inauguration ceremony of Ministry of Oil projects:

Beginning of oil exports from Makran region the most significant inauguration of the 11th, 12th gov't/ Today, country's oil exports not a single-terminal one anymore/ Regarding sanctions, if parliament law had not impeded, we would have lifted the sanctions before Nowruz

The President described the start of oil exports from the Makran region the most important and significant national plan inaugurated in the 11th and 12th governments and said, "Today, the inauguration of great national plan is a very strong response to the conspirators, the United States and all those who are thinking about the instability of Iran's future".

In the 83rd move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign;

President inaugurates massive project of transferring crude oil from Goreh to Jask, export terminal of Makran region

In a ceremony that was held on Thursday morning, the President inaugurated the massive national project to transfer crude oil from Goreh to Jask and the Makran export terminal via video conference on the 83rd move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign.

President in a phone call with his Turkish counterpart:

Iran, Turkey two powers in region, Islamic World, have an important role in resolving regional issues/ Emphasis on maintaining close relations

The President described Iran and Turkey as two powerful countries in the region and the World of Islam, and stressed, "Tehran and Ankara have an important role in resolving regional issues and problems and can cooperate in this regard through consultation".