President felicitates the Philippines on National Day

In a message congratulating the government and people of the Philippines on the National Day of the country, the President expressed hope that regarding the potentials, the relations between the two countries would be further developed in all bilateral, regional and international dimensions.

President at the inauguration of Ministry of Energy projects:

Inaugurations on Thursdays showed that the economic war, COVID cannot stop country's development/ Breaking sanctions in its last steps

The President called the inauguration of the country's national projects on Thursdays since last year despite all the problems caused by the enemy's economic war and the outbreak of coronavirus as one of the government's honours and said, "Unfortunately, great actions that have been taken in the country over the years are not seen, and we need to hear the value of these inaugurations which have happened during the sanctions and pandemic".

President in cabinet session:

Ethics more important than elections/ Let’s invite people to elections by telling them the truth, facts/ Let’s not deliver lies to people in our statements

The President said that the basis of the Islamic Revolution and all the efforts made in this way are for the people to enjoy the Islamic system and an important part of the Islamic system is morality, saying, "The Islamic system was formed so that morality prevails in the country, but unfortunately, morality is seriously injured in these election days”.

President at the session of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Increase in price of goods, especially essentials not acceptable at all/ Industry Ministry obliged to take serious control of prices, prevent any increase

The 231st meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board was held on Tuesday in a session chaired by the President, at the beginning of which a report on the prices of basic goods and consumer and essential items and measures taken by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade was presented.

In the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace chaired by Dr Rouhani;

The document of protection of children and adolescents in cyberspace approved/ The vision document of cyberspace in the horizon of year 1410 approved

The meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace was held on Monday under the chairmanship of President Hassan Rouhani, during which the document on the protection of children and adolescents in cyberspace as well as the vision document of cyberspace on the horizon of 1410 were approved.

President condoles Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Mohtashamipour’s demise

President expressed condolences over the passing of Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Seyyed Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour and wrote, "That warrior cleric, who was one of the pioneers and sympathetic companions of Imam Khomeini's movement, spent his entire life helping the lofty ideals of the revolution and the Islamic system be realised after the victory of the Islamic Revolution by accepting various political and cultural responsibilities and missions inside and outside the country”.

President felicitates Italy on National Day

In a message congratulating the National Day of Italy and commemorating the 160th anniversary of the establishment of political relations between Iran and Italy, the President wrote, "The long history of political relations, cultural richness and historical friendship between the two countries has always been the best basis for developing relations within the framework of bilateral interests".

President condoles Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi on his brother's demise

The President sent a message to Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to express his condolences over his brother's demise and wished the deceased divine rewards and his family patience.

Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of agricultural projects:

Iranians won't give up trying to produce, develop the country even in the most difficult conditions/ If we create faith, belief in people, they will act with all their might

Referring to the importance of inaugurating various projects on Thursday, the President said, "The inauguration of infrastructure and development projects in the conditions of economic warfare, proved it to the enemies and ill-wishers, who thought they could stop the country's affairs with sanctions, that the Iranian nation will work hard for production and development of the country under the most difficult conditions".

In the 70th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign;

Dr Rouhani opens national projects of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad

In the 70th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign, the president ordered the inauguration of the national projects of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad throughout the country implemented with a credit of over 7.5 trillion tomans.

President sends a message on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the establishment of Iran-Senegal diplomatic ties

In a message congratulating the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Senegal, the President wrote, "The continuation of the successful passage of the challenges and threats facing bilateral and international cooperation depends on constructive interaction, cooperation and synergy between the two countries, which will lead to the deepening of friendly relations".

President at cabinet session:

Today, no one can say that JCPOA is bad/ Fortunately, today everyone talks about negotiations and interaction with the world in their statements, and they have realized that the solution is negotiation

The President named the 13th, 14th and 15th of Khordad as very important and decisive days in the history of the Islamic Revolution and the country and said, "The basis of Imam Khomeini's thinking in the Islamic Movement and Revolution was based on the people".

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Facilitating the entry and exit of goods to customs gov't key priority/ Accelerating the clearance of priority goods vital for the country

The 230th meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the President, in which a report on the latest situation of import of goods in the country's customs, as well as inventory of basic goods in warehouses and customs and measures taken to quickly clear these goods and distribute them to the consumer market was presented and discussed.