Dr Raisi in his congratulatory message on the championship of Iran's freestyle wrestling team in Bulgaria:

The championship of our country's young wrestlers is another magnificent display of the capabilities of the Iranian nation

In a message, the President congratulated the great nation of Iran on the victory of our country's national youth freestyle wrestling team in the World U20 Championships in Bulgaria and sincerely thanked each and every one of the brave wrestlers, hardworking coaches and other involved members of the national freestyle wrestling team.

Ayatollah Raisi in the second meeting of the National Headquarters of Population:

Provinces that are at risk in terms of population indicators should be given special attention/ Forming a monitoring system for gov't loans for young couples by the National Headquarters of Population imperative

The President called the coordination of all responsible institutions in the field of population a prerequisite for the realisation of the country's goals in this field and emphasised the necessity of planning to improve population indicators in all provinces of the country.

Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the cabinet:

PoWs the symbol of resistance, patience, endurance, standing of the Iranian nation/All relevant institutions should be active in holding the Arba'een procession with jihadist spirit, taking advantage of the popular capacities

Emphasising the necessity of planning all necessary arrangements and infrastructures to facilitate the presence of Arba'een pilgrims, the President urged the relevant institutions to be active in this direction with a spirit of jihad and use all the capacities of the public headquarters.

In the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board chaired by Dr Raisi;

The package of policies to prevent the outflow of capital from the country approved/ Deadline set for ministries, public departments to implement this policy package

The members of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board approved the package of policies to prevent the capital outflow from the country in order to promote and improve investment indicators and to prevent capital outflow from the country.

In a message to his Indonesian counterpart;

Dr Raisi congratulates Indonesia on Independence Day

In a message congratulating Indonesian President Joko Widodo on the Independence Day of the country, the President expressed hope that due to the historical ties and common interests, he would witness close relations, lasting friendship and further strengthening of relations between the two great nations of Iran and Indonesia.

Dr Raisi while visiting the exhibition of "Pishran" knowledge-based companies:

Gov't determined to reduce costs, increase productivity by using knowledge-based products/Emphasis on gov't support for knowledge-based activities

The President stated, "Knowledge-based products produced by domestic researchers reduce cost, increase productivity and create a lot of added value, and we are determined to support and use them".

Ayatollah Raisi in the second meeting of the Headquarters for Supervision Over the Activities of Ministries:

Gov't seeks to reform the model of agriculture, animal husbandry in accordance with country's climate/ Making water free in modern irrigation methods should be on the agenda

As a part of the process to supervise the activities of government ministries, the President went to the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad in the second meeting today and met with the senior managers of the ministry.

Dr Raisi in the meeting of the government with the board of directors and the heads of specialised commissions of the parliament:

Gov't, Majlis the two arms of governance in country/ Gov't-Majlis cooperation has had constructive, key results so far/ Joint responsibility of all parts of the Islamic Republic to solve people's problems

The President described the current agreement between the government and the parliament as an opportunity to overcome the country's long-standing problems and, emphasising the empathy between the two executive and legislative branches, and said, "The joint responsibility of all parts of the Islamic Republic is to solve people's problems, compensated for the backwardness and moving rapidly towards progress and excellence of the country".

Ayatollah Raisi in the cabinet session:

The discourse of resistance is the only effective way to overcome the problems of the Islamic world/ Popularity is the main orientation of the 13th Administration

The President called the discourse of resistance the only solution to the problems of the Islamic world and said, "Only with brave resistance and standing can the free nations of the region force the Arrogant to retreat".

The three branches' efforts for balanced development in all parts of country

At the end of the first round of provincial trips of the Popular Administration, the heads of the 3 branches emphasised cooperation and empathy for the implementation of the resolutions of these trips in their meeting.

Dr Raisi at the meeting of the administrative council of Kerman province:

Achieving gov't goals in Kerman requires careful planning to use the capacities of the province/ Supreme Council of Mines should urgently investigate the reason why 200 mines of Kerman province remain unused

The President emphasised on the activation of inactive mines in Kerman province as soon as possible and urged the Plan and Budget Organisation to allocate the share of the social responsibility of the province's mines to provide the basis for spending this amount on the development and progress of Kerman.

Ayatollah Raisi in a press conference at the end of his trip to Kerman:

In the second round of trips, we will take the best steps towards progress and justice/ It was emphasised to the ministers that the necessary powers should be handed over to the governor-generals

Pointing out that Kerman was the destination of the last trip from the first round of the provincial trips of the Popular Administration, the President said, "In the second round of trips, while following up on the resolutions of the first round of trips, we will take superior steps towards progress and justice".

Dr Raisi in a meeting with the families of martyrs, veterans and elites of Kerman province:

Popular Administration aimed at development of elite network in country, commitment to use the opinions of elites in country's management/ Today the Supreme Leader is the great flag-bearer of justice

The President described and clarified the role of the people in decision-making in the discourse system of the Popular Administration as very effective, saying, "The Popular Administration seeks to create a fundamental transformation based on justice, and the creation of this transformation depends on the role of all members of the society".

Dr Raisi in the gathering of the people of Bam:

Gov't serious about taking effective steps in popularising economy by empowering private sector/ Implementation of justice based on spatial planning document gov't key mission

Addressing the gathering of the people of Bam, the President described the implementation of justice based on the spatial planning document as the most important mission of the government and emphasised on the use of native elites in all provinces, including Kerman province.