Dr Raisi at the signing ceremony of investment MoU in Azadegan shared oil field:

Oil, petrochemicals amongst most important sectors for attracting investment, boosting production/ Signing $7bn investment MoU in Azadegan oil field an example of mobilising domestic power

The President described the signing of a 7 billion dollar memorandum of understanding for investment in the shared Azadegan oil field as an example of mobilising the country's internal power and stated, "Directing liquidity in the direction of production growth, benefiting from technical power and attracting domestic investment are very effective in the economic growth and progress of the country”.

Ayatollah Raisi congratulates Algeria on the 60th anniversary of independence

In a message, the president congratulated the 60th anniversary of Algeria's independence to the president and the friendly and brotherly nation of the country.

Dr Raisi congratulates Venezuela's Independence Day

In a message, the president congratulated the president and the people of Venezuela on the anniversary of the independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which commemorates the efforts of the late Simon Bolivar for the freedom of Venezuela and Latin American countries.

President at the closing ceremony of the 13th Farabi International Award:

We need a pathology of the current situation in the field of humanities/ Scientists and scholars should approach new theories of humanities with an open but critical view

Emphasising the necessity of pathology of the current situation in the field of human sciences, the president described the realisation of human sciences at the level of the glorious Islamic Revolution to have some shortcomings that must be compensated by the ijtihad and innovative view of scholars and scientists in this field.

President in the ceremony for praising top professors and students across country:

The condition for real development is to attach knowledge to ability/ We deeply believe that universities are the government's think tank/ Weakness in explaining progress is one of the problems country faces today

The President described problem-orientedness in universities as a prelude to the country's way out of its problems and added, "We deeply believe that universities are the think tank of the government and we have always emphasised on using the capacity of universities to advance the country’s affairs”.

Dr Raisi in a meeting with non-resident Ambassador of Lithuania:

Iran, Lithuania have numerous capacities to improve ties/ Removal of oppressive sanctions against Iran will provide basis for agreement

In the meeting with the non-resident Ambassador of Lithuania, the President stated, "Iran and Lithuania have diverse and numerous capacities to promote relations and economic and commercial cooperation with each other”.

In the meeting of the Azerbaijani FM with President;

Dr Raisi: Cementing Tehran-Baku ties leads to effective regional cooperation/ Bayramov: Regional issues must be resolved without interference of outsiders

The president emphasised that the promotion of good relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan leads to effective regional cooperation.

Dr Raisi while receiving the credentials of the new Swiss Ambassador:

Iran ready to deepen ties with all countries including Switzerland to the maximum extent/ Proposal to issue a resolution against Iran during negotiations was irresponsible, violated the spirit of negotiation and agreement

The President stated that the United States should decide to adhere to the requirements of negotiation and agreement, and stated, "The action of the United States and three European countries in proposing to issue a resolution in the Board of Governors while negotiations for an agreement are in progress is an irresponsible action and violates the spirit of negotiation and agreement, showing their behavioural contradictions”.

Ayatollah Raisi while receiving the credentials of the new ambassador of Vietnam:

The current level of Iran-Vietnam ties not proportionate to diverse capacities in the two countries/ History will never forget the crimes of America against the Vietnamese nation

The president stated, "Regular meetings of the joint commission for economic cooperation between Iran and Vietnam can help find solutions to actualise the capacities of the two countries in the fields of agriculture, technology, transportation and other fields”.

Discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board;

Examining the results of the implementation of the smart bread and flour subsidy management scheme in different provinces across country/ Dr Raisi: The achievements of the smart bread subsidy management plan should be a model for allocating subsidies to other sectors

The President stated that the achievements of the smart bread and flour subsidy management scheme can be implemented as a model for allocating subsidies for other sectors in order to increase transparency, and stated, "The government is determined to optimise the subsidy system in the country with the aim of preventing the wastage of funds”.

President at the Cabinet meeting:

Completing the value chain of minerals one gov’t priorities/ Gov’t to seriously pursue stability in economy/ First VP tasked with investigating scepticism raised about the 1401 entrance exam

Referring to the large market of energy carriers in the region, the president emphasised the necessity of planning to increase production and develop exports to neighbouring countries.

Dr Raisi felicitates Belarus on independence day

In a message, the president congratulated Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko on the anniversary of the independence of Belarus.

Dr Raisi at the ceremony of National Day of Industry and Mining:

"Production" creates power for the country/ A comprehensive draft of the country's industry document has been prepared and is being finalised

The president announced the preparation of a draft of the country's comprehensive industry document by the government after the Supreme Leader's emphasis and said, "A good draft has been prepared in this field with the opinion of experts and it is being finalised".

Ayatollah Raisi at the Union Celebration:

Gov’t, as the agent of the Islamic system, considers itself obliged to back marriage/ President’s special orders to Supreme Youth Council, Central Bank, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to facilitate marriage

Stating that the government, as the agent of the Islamic system, considers itself obliged to support marriage, the President issued orders to facilitate the payment of marriage loans to young people, to provide government facilities and cultural centres for young people to marry, as well as to hand over land and pay loans.