President at the ceremony of awarding Pahlevan Armband, praising Olympic and Paralympic medallists:

Gov't backs championship, public sports/ Sport ensures society's health, vitality/ President awards Olympic and Paralympic medallists

Emphasising the need to support championship and public sports in the country, the President said, "Sports should be promoted to a higher position, and this is undoubtedly possible with the efforts of officials and athletes."

Introducing Iran's Pahlevan of year 1400;

Ayatollah Raisi awards Mr Sadeghzadeh the Pahlevan Armband

In a ceremony that was held on Sunday evening at the 12,000-seat hall of Azadi Stadium in Tehran, after holding the final competition of wrestling and zurkhaneh rituals, the President awarded Jaber Sadeghzadeh with Pahlevan Armband.

In the meeting of the guests of the Islamic Unity Conference and a group of officials with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution;

President: In the nuclear negotiations, US and Europe are in a crisis of decision-making

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi delivered a speech in the meeting of the guests of the Islamic Unity Conference and a group of officials with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

Ayatollah Raisi congratulates leaders of Islamic countries on the Prophet of Islam's (PBUH) birthday

In separate messages, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the leaders and people of the Islamic countries on the of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Week of Unity.

Ayatollah Raisi in the message commemorating the Day of Statistics and Planning:

Official statistics help balanced development by informing gov’t about injustices

In his message on the occasion of Statistics and Planning Day, the President stated, "Official statistics in the country's decision-making and planning system can inform the government of the level of poverty and deprivation, inequality and injustice in the country, make us aware of the current situation, and help the government review changes and decide on eliminating injustice and making balanced development happen”.

Ayatollah Raisi at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Convincing public opinion in fighting COVID-19 a necessity/ Health infrastructure must be strengthened to prevent recurrence of the surprise in the fifth wave of disease

Stating that more important than the number of doses of injectable vaccine is the protection of public health, the President said, "Convincing public opinion is a necessity in the success of the fight against coronavirus, and efforts should be made to return the level of health practices from a downward slope to an upward slope."

President at a press conference at the end of the trip to Ardabil province:

The future of Ardabil province to become completely different with measures that are being taken/ Gov’t determined to raise the status and level of Ardabil province

Referring to the government's plans and decisions to create change and accelerate the development of Ardabil province, the President said, "With the measures on the agenda for this province, the future of Ardabil province will be completely different and we will see a decrease in unemployment, increase in employment and progress in different parts of the province”.

President in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Ardabil Province:

Officials must work around the clock to solve people's problems/ If the country's capacities are activated, future will surely be bright/ Banks must not shut down even one production unit for their claims

Emphasising that the government has a very big mission to serve the people and solve their problems, the President addressed the ministers and officials of the executive departments, saying, "Today, people expect us to work around the clock and redouble their efforts to solve problems and take action on their concerns”.

Ayatollah Raisi visiting the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili:

The character of Sheikh Safi al-Din, Safavid history must be properly introduced to the people

On Friday evening, the President attended the Maghrib and Isha prayers at the historic Ali Qapu Mosque in Ardabil.

President in a meeting with elites, clerics, martyrs' families and people of Ardabil:

Gov't determined to activate agricultural, tourism, digital, knowledge-based economy in Ardabil province/ Future very bright, serious achievements to be made in country

Referring to the government's plans for the development of Ardabil province, the President said, "The government is determined to activate the province's economic capacities in the fields of agriculture, tourism, digital and new technologies and knowledge-based companies".

Visiting Ardabil's Railway Project;

President: The Miyaneh-Ardabil railway should have been put into operation much earlier, but it has taken nearly two decades

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi visited the Ardabil Railway project on Friday as part of his provincial trip plans to Ardabil.

Ayatollah Raisi meets with people of Fathali village of Parsabad

The President met with the nomads and farmers of Fathali village in a cordial atmosphere. Nomads and farmers expressed their happiness over the President's presence in the area and shared their local and personal problems and concerns with him.

President visits Khoda Afarin Irrigation and Drainage Network project/ Emphasis on using all facilities to complete the project

The President visited the Khoda Afarin Irrigation and Drainage Network project and, was briefed by the project managers about progress and the reasons for the delay in its operation.

President emphasises accelerating the completion of the 2nd lane of Parsabad-Ardabil road

The President called for speeding up the construction of the half-finished project of the second lane of the Parsabad-Ardabil road to address the concerns of the people about road accidents and casualties and stressed the need to complete this road in the shortest possible time and with appropriate quality.

President visits Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex/ Gov't backs development of this unique complex

The President visited the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex, and stressed the government's support for the development of this large agricultural complex.