Dr Raisi visits southern city of Jiroft to be informed of flooded areas

The President visited Jiroft to be informed about the situation of the flooded areas in the south of Kerman and to monitor the process of providing relief to the people.

Upon arrival at Mehrabad Airport;

President follows up on the latest situation of flood victims in Kerman

Upon arrival from his two-day trip to Russia, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi called the governor-general of Kerman to inquire about the latest flood situation in the southern regions of the province.

Ayatollah Raisi on his return from trip to Russia:

I hope the trip to Russia will be a turning point in improving relations / Tehran and Moscow can take steps to break the dominance of the dollar over monetary and banking relations

The President said, "I hope that the visit to Russia will be a turning point in improving relations with the friendly and neighbouring country of Russia, and that the combination of these relations will help improve the level of security in the region and resolve regional and global crises".

Dr Raisi arrives in Tehran

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrives in Tehran's Mehrabad Airport minutes ago after a two-day trip to Moscow.

After a two-day trip;

Ayatollah Raisi leaves Moscow for Tehran

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran left Moscow for Tehran after a two-day trip.

Ayatollah Raisi addressing prayers at Moscow Grand Mosque:

One of the important functions of mosques in the World of Islam is to enlighten people and prevent the growth of takfiri currents

The President described mosques as houses of God on earth and said, "Mosques have individual and social functions, and in addition to human self-improvement and communication with God in the mosque, the social relations of Muslims are also formed in mosques".

Dr Raisi attends interview with Russia Today

During a visit to Moscow, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi had an interview with RT satellite channel, and answered the questions of Murad Gazdiev, the network's senior correspondent, regarding Iran-Russia relations and regional and international issues.

President pursues the latest situation of relief to flood victims in Kerman

Following the floods in the south of Kerman province, Ayatollah Raisi issued orders to expedite relief efforts.

Ayatollah Raisi at the State Duma of Russia:

Iran seeks "maximum interaction" with all countries around the world based on increasing formation of a "civilised global community"/ Strengthening Iran-Russia relations in bilateral and multilateral forms will boost the economies of the two nations and strengthen regional and international security

As one of his travel plans to Russia, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran addressed the State Duma of Russia and stated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks "maximum interaction" with all countries around the world, especially its neighbours and allies".

President in a meeting with women from Iranian families living in Moscow:

Knowing H.H Fatimah Zahra (PBUH) is model, capital

Referring to the approaching anniversary of the birthday of H.H Fatimah Zahra (PBUH), the President congratulated Mother's Day.

President in a meeting with Iranians residing in Russia:

Iranians abroad our ambassadors/ Iran's share in Russia's market can increase/ Tehran-Moscow determined to increase level of economic, political cooperation

The President stressed the importance of eliminating the obstacles to the issuance of export permits, stressing, "Our share in Russia's market can definitely increase".

In the meeting of Dr Raisi and Vladimir Putin;

Ayatollah Raisi: Iran-Russia ties on the path of strategic relations/ Bilateral cooperation in infrastructure, energy, banking, trade boom the main focus of the two presidents' talks

Bilateral cooperation in various areas of infrastructure, especially the North-South Corridor, cooperation in the field of energy and banking, and the surge in trade between the two countries were the main topics of discussion between the Presidents of Iran and Russia.