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President in a meeting with the European Union Foreign Policy Chief:

JCPOA’s durability needs other side’s commitment to principles/Iran can provide energy security in long-term/Iran, EU should consult, cooperate in combating terrorism

“Nuclear agreement between Iran and P5+1 is a solid base and a good model for developing ties and resolving international issues,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini on Saturday in Tehran.

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He continued: “Living up to commitments by the other side and implementation of the JCPOA, as well as its durability earns public trust”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has lived up to all its commitments in JCPOA and expects to see the other side’s full commitment to all its principles that ensures JCPOA’s durability,” added Rouhani.

He added: “Iran possesses rich energy resources and can provide energy security for a long run. Iran can also act as a secure transit line connecting Eastern Asia to Europe through its railways and road and air transport”.

Dr Rouhani went on referring to Iran’s young work force and being at the centre of a 400m-people market, saying: “If Iran and the European Union can make the best use of potentials and opportunities, they can foster cooperation dramatically, serving common interests”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to have broad-based cooperation with the EU in promoting civil rights in the region,” said Rouhani mentioning that some countries in the region are giving their people hard times under the name of Islam.

He then said that supporting terrorists in any way gives them hope, adding: “If the EU is not willing to have military presence in the region to fight terrorists for whatever reason it may have, using its political power to pressurise supporters of terrorism in the region and helping to cut off their support will significantly contribute to the fight against terrorism”.

Stating that terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq should be considered a great danger to the whole world, President Rouhani said: “If terrorists are not confronted with seriously, we will witness several terrorist states and governments in the region and the Northern Africa, making it very difficult to combat”.

On Syria and Iraq, he said: “Establishing security and fighting terrorists, unity, territorial integrity, and securing the future of Syria only through its people’s votes and opinions is very important to us”.

He also said that Iran and EU should cooperate to resolve regional issues and bring back security to the region, and added: “Everybody should know that there is no military solution to Syria’s issue and it should be resolved through political ways”.

Referring to the bad conditions of people in Syria and Yemen, Dr Rouhani said that all countries should help deliver humanitarian aid, such as water, food, clothing and medicine to the countries.

At the same meeting, the European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini said: “The EU is committed to JCPOA’s implementation. It is also determined to develop economic ties with Iran to secure common interests”.

Referring to a 43% increase in economic and business cooperation between Iran and EU, she said: “Today, there are evidences showing that Iran’s oil export has increased to its pre-sanctions era and cooperation between Iran and EU has revealed that we should assure people that diplomacy has achievements”.

“Relations between the people of Iran and the European Union have long and positive history and they should be used to develop ties and cooperation in different fields, such as trade, economy, culture, science, technology, education and tourism,” Mogherini continued.

She added: “We need Iran’s cooperation as a key power in resolving regional issues”.

“Certainly, our experience of diplomacy can resolve other issues such as those of Syria and Yemen,” she added.

news id: 96109

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