This year the year of economic prosperity/Some superpowers set up a political show by claiming to fight terrorism/Foreign intervention without coordinating with the host country very dangerous/Progress needs a competitive market/Gov’t to give loans to SMEs

Appreciating the people of Markazi province for receiving the government officials, Dr Rouhani told reporters in a press conference in Khomein: “People are very kind to the authorities and their servants and I hope we can return their favour”.

Mon 24 - October 2016 - 15:32

In the press conference that was held on Monday, Dr Rouhani said: “This year will be the year of economic prosperity for Iran. The government will provide small and medium-sized enterprises with loans in order for them to put their full potentials to use”.

Referring to potentials of Markazi province, Dr Rouhani added: “Good investment has been made in industries of the province, and of course, these industries should be updated in order for all capacities to be used”.

He also said that the government has a plan to boost economy and put an end to the stagnation, reiterating the promise that the government will reach its goal of 5-per cent economic growth.

Referring to government’s plan to provide 7500 industrial units with loans, he said: “Today, we have passed this number and currently 12500 enterprises have received loans”.

“Production should be competitive and making progress requires a competitive market,” said Rouhani adding that enterprises should be helped to keep up with modern technology.

Dr Rouhani continued: “We should try to apply modern irrigation systems to the agriculture sector”.

He also mentioned road problems in the province and said that the government has made a great deal of efforts in finishing road transport projects, such as Khomein-Arak highway.

“In this visit, 54 plans and projects were approved and they will be inaugurated and operationalised this year and next year,” he continued.

Regarding Iran’s regional stances, the President said: “The Middle East has been struggling with the scourge of terrorism for years and western powers do not want terrorism to end in this region”.

“Some superpowers have set up a political show by claiming to fight terrorism,” he continued.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s stances regarding terrorism in the region are very clear, said Rouhani adding: “Foreign intervention without coordinating with the host country’s authorities is very dangerous and we believe that Iraqi and Syrian governments should first ask for help and then other countries can combat terrorism in their territory”.

“We should respect geographical borders because changing these borders is very dangerous,” he continued.

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