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President addressing people in Khomein:

Imam Khomeini cleared way for youth, women participation in advancing Islamic civilisation/Imam taught us true Islam, religious democracy/Getting Iranian nation’s right in negotiating with 6 world powers originated from Imam’s teachings, supreme leader’s guidance

“Imam Khomeini (RA) hoisted the flag that led to realisation of a religious and popular system with the help of elites and the youth as pioneers of the movement,” said President Rouhani while addressing the people in Khomein county.

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Mon 24 - October 2016 - 10:23

President Rouhani said on Monday: “The name of Khomein is echoed in eternity with the name of a prominent figure, Imam Khomeini (RA)”.

He also said: “The idea that the rule of the Quran and the ballot box be the criteria for managing the country was Imam Khomeini’s management skills”.

“Being revolutionary means believing deeply in the motto of ‘Independence, Freedom and Islamic Republic’,” continued the President.

Stating that if it were not for Imam Khomeini’s way of thinking, we would not have revolutionary art and music, Dr Rouhani added: “If it were not for Imam, those with retrogressive ideas would not even accept having universities but he was the advocate of unity between seminary and university”.

“Imam Khomeini cleared the path for the youth and women to have a role in the progress of the Islamic civilisation,” added the President.

He went on saying: “Imam taught us the true Islam and religious democracy and how to triumph over powers”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Getting Iranian nation’s right in negotiations with 6 world powers originated from Imam Khomeini’s teachings and the supreme leader’s guidance on the same path”.

“Today, because of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, ships are docking at our ports instead of those of neighbouring countries,” he continued.

Posing the question of “Isn’t free trade and stopping brokers from using up public money a source of national pride?” he added: “We decreased inflation from 40% to 15% before the JCPOA, does this mean we are looking for western countries’ help?”.

news id: 96003

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