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President in a meeting with clerics, war veterans and prominent figures of Markazi province:

Attempting to build a prosperous, proud Iran a top responsibility/Iranian nation victorious in all stages by sincerity, integrity/More effort for employment, country’s prosperity should replace useless arguments

“Attempting to build a prosperous and proud Iran is a national, legal and religious responsibility for all Iranians,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with clerics, war veterans and prominent figures of Markazi province.

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Mon 24 - October 2016 - 09:06

In the meeting that was held late on Sunday, Dr Rouhani continued: “The 11th government’s goal in nuclear negotiations was to open the doors of the world to Iran and accelerate the economy”.

“We should make more efforts to increase employment rate, prosperity and progress for the country instead of useless arguments,” said the President.

He also referred to efforts and services of the Supreme Leader’s Representative in Markazi Province, Ayatollah Dori Najafabadi and continued: “He has always been a serving and intellectual figure in all branches of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the people of the province are grateful for his presence”.

He added: “Markazi province has been the cradle for great clerics, educated persons and intellectuals, Imam Khomeini (RA) being the top one”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned Imam Khomeini’s (RA) attempts during the Islamic Revolution and the 8-year imposed war and said: “The country was in highly specific situation during those times and, in a situation that the whole world was attacking Iran, our Army and Army of Guardians had no particular weapons”.

“Sincerity, strength, perseverance and integrity are the key to success for the Iranian nation in all stages,” he continued.

President Rouhani also went on referring to the time of Amir Kabir and Avicenna and said: “At an era, science and civilisation were sent to Europe from Iran and they had learnt everything from this land”.

“This is of chief importance for us to learn science, knowledge and art and the correct ways to do them, of course in doing so, there are manners and practices that are irrelevant to our culture,” he continued.

He added: “We should learn that constructive interaction with the world means we should be able to speak with the world by maintaining our principles, ethics, culture, religion and revolution”.

Referring to his visit to Pars Wagon factory, he also said: “We should update the technology that has been brought to the factory from abroad. If our carriage manufacturers want to produce carriages for high speeds, they should updated their technology”.

He went on referring to gas extraction facilities in Assaluyeh and said that the government is attempting to develop and update the facilities.

Dr Rouhani also said that everybody should boost efforts to create jobs for the youth and said: “Unfortunately, at the time when our oil-related incomes were significantly high, youth employment was neglected, whereas in the past two years, despite low oil incomes, the government has been trying to increase employment rate”.

“Today, even in the field of nuclear technology, we need to make progress as the Supreme Leader has said, and in doing so the head of Atomic Energy Organization has signed a number of contracts with some European countries”.

Mentioning that in this visit 35 construction and infrastructural projects were opened in Markazi province, he said: “Most of these projects have been carried out by the private sector and even without banking facilities granted to them”.

Stressing unity, he said: “We should all stand by each other and set minor disagreements aside to help the country progress”.

news id: 95992

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