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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Markazi province:

No dual management in Iran; We have a single path, leader, gov’t/Economic prosperity the only way to sustainable employment for the youth/JCPOA the result of Leader’s wisdom, people’s resistance against unjust sanctions/Markazi the centre of Iran’s industry

“To achieve sustainable employment for the young generation, we have no way other than economic prosperity and Markazi province is the centre of Iran’s industry,” said President Rouhani addressing the bumper crowd of people in Markazi province.

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Sun 23 - October 2016 - 12:25

Dr Rouhani added: “Your enthusiastic presence indicates your interest in the system and that you support the government”.

“Muharram is the moth of manifestation of bonds between the Iranian nation and Prophet Mohammad’s progeny and the culture of Ashura,” continued the President.

He further added: “Markazi province is the birthplace of the exceptional man in the history of Iran and the whole land and Muslims owe a lot to it”.

Martyrdom of the late Imam Khomeini’s son created a wave in the fight and led to the victory of the movement, said President Rouhani, adding: “Markazi province is the land of Amir Kabir, who laid the groundwork of Iran’s independence and progress”.

He added: “Markazi province is the centre of Iran’s industry and the government is trying to revive industrial units”.

“To achieve sustainable employment for the young generation, we have no way other than economic prosperity”, continued Dr Rouhani.

Stating that the government tried to remove the chains of sanction from the hands and feet of our economy, he continued: “I have promised people that we will reactivate 7500 small and medium-sized enterprises in the current year”.

He also said: “JCPOA was struck to preserve the Iranian nation’s rights and export Iran’s nuclear products to the world”, adding: “JCPOA was the result of the Supreme Leader’s wisdom and people’s resistance against unjust sanctions”.

“Iran has a great deal of God-given and human resources; why shouldn’t it rely on modern technology and witness increase in investment and export?” added Rouhani, saying: “Banking relations with the world will develop day by day”.

He continued: “We should speak with the literature of unity and hope; no one should promote the discourse of despair and collapse of management power of this great nation”.

Stating that “liars and those who spread despair are not Revolutionary”, he said: “Government’s advancements are due to people’s support”.

“JCPOA, self-sufficiency and 5-per cent growth belong to the nation and the government is people’s servant”.

Dr Rouhani further added: “We have only one leader and one government and there is no dual management in Iran”.

He went on saying: “Once the world were competing to put Iran under pressure but today the world are overtaking each other to cultivate relations with Iran”.

“Let us not let anti-Hussein (AS) manners be promoted; our goal should be establishment of Mohammad’s (PBUH) ethics,” he continued.

At the end of his speech, President Rouhani said: “We will spare no effort in increasing the environment and decreasing air pollution”.

news id: 95960

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