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President in a ceremony marking National Day of Export:

Iran voices its capabilities, wishes to peaceful coexistence/Resistive Economy based on domestic producti

“Iran vociferates its capabilities, kindness, and wishes to establish peaceful coexistence with the world an d the region,” said President Rouhani in a ceremony marking the National Day of Export.

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Thu 20 - October 2016 - 12:34

In the ceremony that was held on Thursday, Dr Rouhani referred to his Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand visits and the reason for their economic prosperity, saying: “The first reason was that they have made relations with the world based on constructive interaction and that is because export does not increase by arguing with the world”.

He added: “Some think constructive interaction means we should have a face-to-face conversation with the Westerners and smile, but constructive interaction means we should improve international relations to export and create jobs for the youth”.
Some have not yet understood Iranian nation’s greatness, said President Rouhani adding: “All our youths, merchants and students are trustworthy, although there are some rotten apples, you cannot shut down the whole garden”.
He continued: “We should come back to the present time, some are living in centuries ago”.
Stressing the importance of foreign relations, he Dr Rouhani said: “Foreign relations are not limited to political aspect, but rather include scientific, technological and economic ties”.
“To develop our tourism industry and trade, we should be hospitable and merchants and investors should be able to come to Iran easily,” he added.
President Rouhani went on referring to the government’s efforts in striking the nuclear deal and said: “Government put all its efforts to remove the obstacles on the way of merchants, entrepreneurs, exporters, the services sector, banking relations and attraction of capital”.
On Iranophobia, he said: “The government has done a great work eliminating Iranophobia and this should continue”.
“Domestic integrity should improve and we should invite our friends to help the Iranian nation,” he said.
“We can create a wider path for all entrepreneurs, industrialists and service providers,” Dr Rouhani said, mentioning Iran’s old history, great culture, excelling talents, intellectuals and students.

news id: 95912

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