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President in a meeting with Ivory Coast FM:

Deepening ties with African countries a top foreign policy for Iran/Tehran ready to participate in development plans in Ivory Coast

“Developing and deepening ties with African countries is a top principle in Iran’s foreign policy,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Ivory Coast, Abdallah Toikeusse Mabri.

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Mon 17 - October 2016 - 13:03

In the meeting that was held in Tehran on Monday, Dr Rouhani said: “Tehran is ready to participate in development plans in all fields, especially in economic plans in Ivory Coast”.

“Iran and Ivory Coast have ample opportunities for development of ties and we should accelerate relations through identifying the opportunities,” Dr Rouhani added.

He also explained Iran’s achievements in different fields such as technical and engineering services, he said: “Tehran is ready to assist Ivory Coast in advancing projects such as power plants, dams and road construction”.

Stressing formation of joint commission of cooperation, President Rouhani said: “Private sectors and chambers of commerce of both countries should be activated to accelerate the process of development of ties”.

On terrorism, he continued: “Terrorism is a major problem for the world and terrorists have no connection with Islam, because Islam is the religion of kindness, peace and co-existence and explicitly opposes any terror and insecurity in the world”.

“Iran has paid a heavy price in the fight against terrorism, as well as 17000 martyrs and will spare no effort in helping countries that call for its help in combatting terrorism,” Dr Rouhani went on saying.

At the meeting, the Foreign Minister of Ivory Coast stressed that the joint economic commission should be formed soon and added: “Formation of this commission and identifying opportunities to boost cooperation can accelerate further relations, especially in economic field”.

Foreign Minister Abdallah Toikeusse Mabri continued: “Iran’s international position is beneficial to all developing countries”.

news id: 95863

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