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President in a meeting with Iranians residing in Malaysia:

Imam Hussein (AS) a big model for us, all free people in the world/Iran-Malaysia banking agreement to put into action

“One of important bonds between us and other Muslims, and even a lot of non-Muslims is mourning for Imam Hussein (AS) because he is a model for not only us, but also all free people around the world,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with Iranians residing in Malaysia.

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Sat 08 - October 2016 - 10:39

In the meeting that was held on Saturday in Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Dr Rouhani said: “We won over major world powers in our Islamic Revolution and the imposed [Iran-Iraq] war because of Imam Hussein (AS)”.

Describing patriotism as the key to Iran’s progress, he said: “All of your hearts are replete with the love of your country and it is important how we appreciate national interests and fulfil our responsibilities”.

“We all should defend Iran’s reputation and national interests by morality and behaviour and this is a great task,” said the President.

He went on referring to illusions promoted by enemies in the world, such as Iranophobia, saying: “Our first task is to wipe out these illusions about Iran and its Islamic government, culture and society”.

“To put out the fire, some mistook fuel with water,” he continued referring to the nuclear issue and the illusion promoted by enemies.

One of these illusions, he added, “was that Iran wanted to impose Shia on all Muslims. First of all, we are proud to be Shia and we are ready to give reasons for that, but Shia is a clear path and we do not need to impose it to anyone”.

President Rouhani also expressed hope that Iran-Malaysia ties be further developed in the future, adding: “In coming months, the joint commission of Iran and Malaysia will be formed”.

“Banking agreements will be made between Iran and Malaysia and we hope to witness various sectors of the country make the best use of these opportunities,” he continued.

news id: 95764

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