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President in a meeting with scientific, cultural and media elites of Malaysia:

Islam needs unity, security, development/No way other than moderation to save Islam/Anybody creating division in Islam, not Muslim/Violence, extremism, despair, lack of self-esteem threat to Islam’s future/Declaring Iran’s 4 regional policies

“To save the Islamic community, I see no way other than moderation and fighting violence and anybody who created division in Islam is not a Muslim,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with scientific, cultural and media elites of Malaysia.

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Sat 08 - October 2016 - 09:00

In the meeting that was held early on Saturday in Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Dr Rouhani added: “The Islamic community needs unity, security and development and violence, extremism, despair and lack of self-esteem are great threats to its future”.

Voicing four principles of Iran’s regional policy, he said: “Combatting takfiri terrorism in the field, effective contribution to peace, cease-fire and delivering humanitarian aid to people, opposing disintegration of countries and political borders and relying on ballot boxes and peoples’ sovereignty over their own countries are the principles of our regional policies”.

“We believe that today terrorism is a scourge in our region and takfiri terrorists should be combatted in the whole region and we should not let this wrong path of killing and massacre continue in our region,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani went on stating that peace and cease-fire should be established, adding: “In Yemen and Syria, a cease-fire should be established and humanitarian aids should be immediately delivered to the people of these two countries”.

Stressing that if Iran did not help Iraqi and Syrian governments, we would witness two big Daesh governments in the two countries rather than a group, he said: “In such a situation, we would face an endless war in regional or even global stage”.

“The west has not decided to stop dominating the world yet, and this decision will not change until they feel that the developing world has reached unity, a joint path and a dynamic move,” said President Rouhani mentioning that the Islamic community has faced ample political, security and cultural issues.

Stating that terrorism has affected those who created it against Islam and Muslims, he said: “Elites, experts and intellectuals of the Islamic community have a huge responsibility in the current situation”.

“Instead of destructive discourse, violence and despair, we should promote the discourse of development and progress,” he continued.

news id: 95728

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