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President at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Malaysia:

Iran willing to cement ties with Asian countries, esp. Malaysia/Tehran, Kuala Lumpur agree to form joint commission on cooperation

It is essential that both parties do their utmost to turn 2016 into year of development of Tehran-Kuala Lumpur ties in economic, political, scientific and cultural fields, announced the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Fri 07 - October 2016 - 18:51

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to develop and deepen ties with Asian countries, especially Malaysia in post-JCPOA era,” said President Rouhani in the meeting of high-ranking delegation of Iran and Malaysia that was held Friday afternoon in Malaysian Prime Minister’s official residence.
He also stressed further banking relations to pave the way for deepening ties between the two countries, adding: “In the new era relations, we should make the best use of these capacities to deepen and promote Tehran-Kuala Lumpur ties to the interest of the two nations”.
Stating the Tehran is willing to develop ties with Kuala Lumpur, Dr Rouhani went on saying that the groundwork is laid for further cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries.
President Rouhani also referred to Iranian companies’ capabilities in different fields such as road construction, energy and modern technologies, adding: “The companies of both countries can cooperate more in these fields and the first step is to deepen banking relations”.
Mentioning cultural commonalities between the two nations, he continued: “Strengthening tourism industry and academic cooperation can further cement ties between the two nations”.
On terrorism, he said that the entire world, especially Islamic countries, should cooperate to combat the scourge.
“While Islam is the religion of mercy, peace, friendship and peaceful coexistence, unfortunately terrorists attribute their criminal acts to Islam,” he added.
President Rouhani further emphasised that unity and brotherhood should be fostered among Muslims and division should be avoided.
In the meeting, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak said that Malaysia sees no obstacle on the way of development of ties between the two countries.
“We will restore relations with Iran to two times of the amount of pre-sanctions era,” he continued.

news id: 95722

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