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President in the cabinet session:

We should increase national authority, democracy, social capital in 26 Feb elections/Iranian nation will prove with their votes that they don’t accept accusation, immorality, division/ Next Majlis should be a solution to economic boost

President Rouhani chaired the cabinet meeting and stressed Iranian people’s integrated and fervent turnout and described it as something which will increase national authority, democracy, and social capital.

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Wed 24 - February 2016 - 14:45

In this cabinet session which was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “The Iranian nation will have another test before them in 26 February election and will surely pass the national test with pride just like previous years”.

He continued: “People’s turnout is an indicator of national sovereignty, independence, and the system’s reliance on democracy and the more people go to polls, the more they are considered committed to determining their own future”.

Urging everybody to vote, he continued: “The important point is that the elections will eventually belong to people”.

“We should have a Majlis in future that can be a solution to the effects of stagnation” he added.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the conditions of the region, saying: “We should not only protect our stability and security, but also take important steps for stability and security of the region”.

“Achieving development and progress and economic prosperity”, added Rouhani “requires that all officials and branches stand together”.

President also referred to Supreme Leader’s advice that all of those eligible should vote and said: “I advise the Interior Ministry to protect people’s votes”.

“Changing seats in Majlis isn’t worth weakening the government and the system” said Rouhani adding: “we should instead follow our own goals and plans”.

news id: 92161

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