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President during the executive operation of electrification of Mashhad-Tehran train:

Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi, Martyr Hashemi Nejad were pillars of Revolution/ We should start JCPOA 2 to develop country/ Majlis role significant in country’s development/ We will accelerate branches’ coordination

President Rouhani delivered a speech during the executive operation of electrification of Mashhad-Tehran train and said that coordination between the branches and institutions is necessary for the development of the country.

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Sat 06 - February 2016 - 21:14

In this ceremony which was held on Saturday in Mashhad, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that until next Arba’een, Mashhad and Karbala be connected through railroad.

Describing railroad development as one of the important goals of the government, he added: “Railroad development will bring healthy environment, mental and spiritual tranquillity, inexpensive transportation, fuel economy, and the enjoyment of short trips for the people of Iran”.

He added: “We should connect all of the country’s trains to the main ports and borders to increase communication with our neighbours”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran railroads will be connected to Azerbaijan and Iraq in the near future; by connecting the railroad to Basra city in Iraq, we hope that our dear people and pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) can visit his tomb on next Arba’een” continued Dr Rouhani.

On the official implementation of JCPOA, Rouhani said: “Today different countries, the private sector and Iranian nationals residing abroad are applying to start their activities in Iran and the country is on the path of more prosperity”.

He also described unity, communion, compassion, jihad, sacrifice, being active, and unity of all branches as the key point in an accelerated move towards job creation for the youth.

Stressing the revitalisation of transport fleet of the country, President continued: “The contract of purchasing new passenger jets will be a big development in the air fleet of the country”.

He also thanked the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and all the staff of electrification of Mashhad-Tehran train project.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr Rouhani congratulated the 10-Day Fair celebration and the Islamic Revolution’s victory and said: “The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi, and Martyr Hashemi Nejad were the key figures for the start of the Revolution, as well as leading it in Mashhad”.

On the idea of “JCPOA 2”, President Rouhani continued: “We should start JCPOA 2 for the country’s development; from today on, we should seek to use the JCPOA opportunity for the country’s development”.

“The more knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled the members are, and the more they are beside the government and the Judiciary under the Supreme Leader’s guidance, the more it will be to the benefit of the Iranian nation.” he said, underlining the significant role of Assembly of Experts and the Majlis.

news id: 91800

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