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President Rouhani during the unveiling ceremony of spatial achievements:

JCPOA 1 concluded; time to implement National JCPOA/Everybody should step in to implement JCPOA 2/JCPOA does not mean opening borders for import/Tech. developments be conveyed to public opinion/Gov’t supports tech. transfer to private sectors

President Rouhani appeared in the unveiling ceremony of achievements in the space field and stated that the country has successfully passed implementation of “JCPOA 1” and now it is the time to implement the “JCPOA 2” which he described as “National Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”

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Wed 03 - February 2016 - 18:15

In this ceremony which was held late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Everybody should step in to implement the JCPOA 2”.

Referring to the JCPOA as an opportunity to have more interaction with the world and use other’s technology and knowledge and said: “JCPOA does not mean opening up borders for import, but today is the day of opportunities for work, effort, and attempt and create jobs for the Iranian youths”.

Expressing gratitude to the aerospace scientists for their efforts and said: “Without a doubt, without nation’s support, the Supreme Leader’s guidance, and scholars’ sacrifice at the negotiating table, JCPOA would not come to conclusion”.

“This great nation proved that exercises patience and forbearance when facing hardships but does not surrender to dictations and this was the main motto of the Iranian nation” he added.

“The Iranian people are right not to trust big powers because of the tyranny they have faced” said Dr Rouhani continuing that in the last presidential election the majority of people chose to have constructive interaction with the world.

He also said: “Everybody, even enemies consider Iran as the true victorious of nuclear negotiations”.

Rouhani also referred to the government’s forbearance compared to the previous ones and said: “Criticisms against the government is unprecedented but people are grateful to their servants”.

On the government’s resolve to hand in some affairs to the private sector, he added: “Government supports transfer of technology to the private sector”.

Mentioning the necessity of prioritising modern technology, Dr Rouhani also said: “We should prioritise the country’s needs in carrying out research on modern technologies due to the country’s limited resources”.

He added: “Technology developments should be conveyed to public opinion and people should participate in policy making”.

President also referred to the 1979 Revolution and said: "The whole world was supporting the oppressive regime but the people could reach his lofty ideals and the Islamic Revolution affected the history".


news id: 91763

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