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President in a press conference in Italy:

Tehran, Rome determined to boost existing level of cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani, in a press conference Monday evening with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, said: "Iran and Italy are determined to broaden and grow their existing level of cooperation in all fields of mutual interests”.

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After signing 14 documents of bilateral cooperation Monday evening by Iranian and Italian high-ranking officials, he said: "As a new chapter of cooperation has started in Tehran-Rome ties, energy, new technologies, industry, mining, agriculture and culture can be the fields in which Iran and Italy can expand their cooperation".

Dr Rouhani expressed Iran's readiness to invite investments and new technologies and start cooperation for production and export of joint productions.

Describing Iran and Italy ties as very historical, he added: "As Italy was once Iran's first trade partner among European Union countries, we are sure that in the new chapter, the two countries’ cooperation can be further developed".

Referring to the necessity of starting joint investments in a number fields of mutual interests, President continued: "Iran's special strategic location in the region as the linking point between countries of central Asia, Caucuses and Indian sub-continent implies that it can play the role of a hub for the two countries’ exports".

Also indicating a more active participation of the two countries’ private sectors in investments, Rouhani stated: "The governments of Iran and Italy will do their utmost to support private sectors in this regard".

On the regional peace and security, he said: "The achievements of the visit to Italy go beyond bilateral significance and can contribute to world peace, security and stability which are the two countries' main ideals to be met in the region and over the world for the benefit of all".

Saying "Iran has always been pioneer in combating terrorism" Dr Rouhani said: "As Iran and Italy once started a joint cooperation for establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan, they can definitely continue the cooperation for peace and stability in the region, as well".

Iran and Italy are eager to witness security in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as they are ready to help peace in the region and over the world, so it implies a cultural, political and intelligence cooperation", he continued.

Making an hint to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), President said: "As JCPOA well proved that diplomacy is the best solution for issues and establishing a sustainable peace, why should we not believe JCPOA can also be an exemplary model for settling the regional and international issues, especially those issues in Middle East and North Africa".

He finally appreciated warm welcoming and hospitality of Italian counterpart and Prime Minister extended to Iranian high-ranking officials.

The Italian Premier in his turn said: "Tehran and Rome enjoy historical relations that have resulted in the friendship of the Iranian and Italian nations".

Metteo Renzi described JCPOA as a starting point for expansion of the two countries' mutual ties and an example to be followed for the settlement of regional and international issue, as well.

"JCPOA well proved that as Iran and the world powers could agree on JCPOA, they can also agree on all other regional issues, too", he continued.

Emphasizing Iran's important role in regional interactions, Italian Premier said: "Iran can also play a vital and effective role in achieving peace and democracy in the region and tackling terrorism in the region and over the world".

"Italy is serious in strengthening relations with Iran in all areas of mutual interests", Renzi continued.

news id: 91534

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