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President in an interview with reporters:

Shahr-e-Rey power plant to be modernised/7th WTP turns to account, cost 11,000bn rls

Dr Rouhani said that in his trip, 4,320bn rials was allocated for 12 significant plans in agriculture, industry, water and waste water, sports, and the environment, all to be finalised by the middle of next two years.

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Wed 23 - December 2015 - 17:44

While opening the 7th Tehran water treatment plant (WTP), President Rouhani told reporters: “The project of collecting and transferring surface waters of south of Tehran province and completing Shahr-e-Rey sewage plans are among important plans, credits of which have been forecasted in this trip”.

Underlining issues related to environment, especially in the south of Tehran, he added: “In this trip, good decisions have been made and it is scheduled to modernise the Shahr-e-Rey power plant”.

300bn rials has been anticipated for education in the Shahr-e-Rey region, added Rouhani.

 He also announced that 5 new sports centres will be constructed in Shahr-e-Rey.

On watering modernisation plan, Dr Rouhani added: “Thanks to WTPs, sewage will be refined ad guided towards farmlands”.

President said that a hospital will be well-equipped and construction procedure of another will be finalised.

Other plans of the government in the areas of communications and testing vehicles were also announced by the President.

Speaking on the opening and exploitation of the 7th Tehran WTP, he said: “One of the government’s concerns is the quality of drinking water and, fortunately, with the opening of this WTP, 30 cubic metres of high-quality water per second will enter the water supply system”.

news id: 91044

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