President underscores maintaining vigilance over the disunity among Muslims

President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation with his Nigerian counterpart Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday reviewed the latest developments in Islamic world and the recent catastrophe in North of Nigeria.

Wed 16 - December 2015 - 10:34

Stating that Muslim nations must maintain vigilance over some conspiracies to divide Islamic communities, he said: "A group of countries are sowing the seeds of differences among Muslim nations, therefore the nations must keep further awareness and maintain unity and solidarity among themselves".  Rouhani reminded President Buhari of his recent visit to Iran and the fruitful results of bilateral ties and also of his presence in the Forum of the Organization of Gas Exporting Countries in Tehran and described the improvement of the mutual relations as for the befit of the two countries and Islamic world and meanwhile called for mutual cooperation to secure the Islamic world's security.

'While terrorism nowadays is getting a serious threat to many Muslim countries' security, the Muslims nations need to get united and let not the small differences of opinions lead to an acute disputes and deep divisions among themselves, since safeguarding the Muslims' souls and lives is the major and public responsibility for all Muslims', he added.

Asking his counterpart about the health conditions of the injured victims of the Nigerian disaster and especially about their leader, Dr. Rouhani further stressed that all Muslims today have no way, but to keep unity and empathy to build a bright future for both their own countries and whole Muslim community, because Islamic world today is more than ever in need of peace to resolve the existing problems.

Also indicating on the necessity of the establishment of a fact-finding committee for the catastrophe in northern Nigeria, he said: 'We expect the Nigerian government to sooth the grieves of all bereaved families and the injured victims of the disaster and under such conditions to issue strict orders to prevent the occurrence of any further unrests'.

"As nowadays a group people and countries are after spreading the seeds of differences among Muslims in Islamic countries, so all Muslims are duty bound to safeguard Islam's prestige and be more sensitive about the Muslims unity in the Islamic world and keep further vigilances in this regard", Dr. Rouhani stated.

He also expressed Iran's readiness to dispatch any kinds of aids to Nigeria, especially medical and rescue and relief teams to cure the injured people and relieve the alms of the victims.

President Buhari, also in the telephone-conversation appreciated Dr. Rouhani's sensitivity about the situations of world Muslims and the Nigerian ones and went into the details of the unpleasant catastrophe.

Emphasizing on his commitment to protect the lives of his fellow Muslim citizens, he pointed to his government's decisiveness to precisely pursue the causes and factors of the incidence and said: "I have ordered to prepare a detailed and clear-cut report of the accident and also called the provincial authorities to not only react to it accordingly, but also do their utmost to restore security to the region and treat with those who failed in this regard.

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