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In the session of the Supreme Council of Employment;

President underlines national sustainable employment

As the head of the Supreme Council of Employment, President Rouhani underlined full employment, doing related efforts to change the unemployment rate to a single-digit in short term and also on the necessity of a proper programming and targeting to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

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Tue 01 - December 2015 - 14:08

In a special meeting of the Supreme Council here on Tuesday, he said: "All policy makings to reduce unemployment and achieve a desirable result in this regard should be precise and with an appropriate orientation, based on the needs and potentials of different regions of the country".

President Rouhani in the 73rd meeting of the Council which reviewed the government's measures to tackle national unemployment at three levels of short-, medium-, and long-term, also stressed on the further utilization of public's capacities and some institutions' potentialities such as that of Basijj organization and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, and use of the capacities of knowledge-based companies and small firms to make further changes and developments in employment rate.

Focusing on the need to making connection between universities and industrial firms and knowledge-based companies, he said: "The relevant policy-makers should predict and tailor the needs and the capacity of national employment according to the time and place and based on the future needs of the nation, then to train and recruit students and experts in different fields".

news id: 90749

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