The speech of Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, General Assembly of the World Ahl-ul beit Forum

The speech of Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, General Assembly of the World Ahl-ul beit Forum August 15, 2015 - Tehran

Sat 15 - August 2015 - 20:20

In the name of God, the most compassionate, the most merciful

 Praise be to Allah; and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad and his noble household and companions

 I would like to welcome our distinguished guests to the Ahl-ul Beit world conference and wish the best success for this conference to realize its goals.

This conference is being held while the Muslim world is going through very crucial circumstances which are so unpleasant for all the Muslims: sectarianism, tribalism, conflict, violence, extremism, killing and displacement of Muslims particularly in the Middle East.

The enemies of Abrahamic faith and particularly Islam were, for many centuries, trying to promote this idea that the religious paradigm is no more relevant for modern time. The West accused religion to be reactionary and backward; and the East considered it to be the opium of human societies. Both were seeking one goal in deed. The religion which potentially and existentially negates imperialism and despotism and is indeed the source of morality and resistance will naturally act against their greed and materialistic ambitions.

The Islamic Revolution, led by the late Imam Khomeini, put a colorful end to this illusion that religion is irrelevant to modern human life and established the scope of revelation to cover all aspects of our social life including politics and management as well as our inner spiritual dimensions. This was the depth of the everlasting message of the Islamic Revolution for us. Religion for life, for freedom, for human rights; and for negation of despotism and exploitation. This message manifests the genuine power of the nation and the Islamic Ummah out of reliance on the East or the West.  

Islamic movement of Iran began in the middle of the past century and after sixteen years of struggle, emerged and triumphed in the form of a unique revolution which hoisted the flag of the revival of religion all across the world. It raised a new spirit in our society and inspired the resistance of the great nation of Afghanistan against the occupation of their country by the yesterday’s superpower of the East, and marked the big movement of the revival of Islamic thought across the Middle East, and powerfully echoed the recitation of Adhan in the minarets in Central Asia and the Caucasus region, participation of the Lebanese people in the resistance against Zionism, the Islamic movement in Turkey and North of African and finally the rise of the Islamic resistance-seeking movement across the Islamic world.

The wave created by the Islamic revolution in this land, under the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini, still continues. This revolution announced that Islam is neither defined by blood nor by race. It is rather characterized by faith and morality and therefore goes beyond geographical borders, across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. This human message is capable to attract sincere followers and will do so.

  We never chose to convey the message of Islam through bullets to the world. We promoted Islam through minarets, through education, through intellectual endeavors, dialogue and exchange of ideas. Our religion negates otherness but cries for human solidarity. 

We follow a holy source, the holy Quran, which instructs: Give proclamation to the people who listen to all the statements and follow the best of deeds. In a free world which is not unipolar, we hear different voices and we listen to all but we choose the best. 

Islamic rule in Medina began on the basis of a covenant; the Aqabah. Its development was through law, rules and mutual agreement with tribes and with people of other religions. Our prophet signed agreement with Jews, Christians and nonbelievers. He did respect these agreements until they respected it too.

It is true that Islam is truly the religion of authority but it is also the religion of peace, salutation and coexistence. Islam has blade but will never use it unless necessary. Blade remains in scabbard. It speaks with the world with logic and reasoning.

The school of thought of Ahl-ul beit is the real interpretation of Islam and Quran. Contrary to the belief of the people who want to create division in our region, we have no Shia Crescent; We have moon and full moon in Islam. We all Muslims are united against infidelity and discord.

Imam Khomeini taught us how the followers of Ah-ul beit, either Shias or Sunnis can be together and live together brotherly. The current leader of Islamic revolution has always underlined this principle of unity and has taught us to remain united.

The Islamic revolution has set up a new discourse. Revolution was a discursive change. While there were attempts by the West and the East to announce an end to the era of religion, however, the Islamic revolution made this reality clear that today is indeed the era of religion which saves humans and especially the young generation, the generation of faith and ethics.

Today, the enemy has chosen another way. The enemy has now perceived that the conspiracy of eradicating religion has been exposed. The enemy has started a new deviation i.e. the distortion of the reality of religion. The enemy wants to convert the religion of regulation, ethics, brotherhood, compassion and mercy to the religion of violence, extremism, killing, division and dissention.

We should stand against such deviation and distortion. Our Islamic Iran today is a good example. In my country, as in the time of our great Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), when the majority ruled and judged but the rights of the minority in Medina were preserved, the foundation of the establishment is based on Islam and democracy and respect to the rights of minorities as well as brotherhood between the Shias and Sunnis and even higher.

Our people are the lovers of Ahl-ul beit, either Muslim, Armenian or Zoroastrian. Our people in the day of Ashoora and Tasooa pay homage to Hossein bin Ali (AS) and his companions and respect them humbly. There is no difference between Shias and Sunnis, Muslims and non-Muslims in the history of this country.

Therefore, the school of thought of Ahl-ul beit means the school of thought of the true interpretation of Islam and Quran. You cannot find a Muslim who does not respect the Youth of Heavens. You cannot find a Muslim who does not respect the Master of the Pious Ali (AS) who was the first man to be trusted by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). And you cannot find a Muslim who has not tied the future of the history of the world to Mahdaviyyat. We pursue the same goal and path. We should be seeking the word which is shared amongst us and you.

If the holy Quran shouts at the followers of the religions of book and Muslims that “Oh, tell the followers of the religions of book to follow which is shared among us”, today our logic before the world is the word which is shared among us. And that word in today’s world is unity and brotherhood among Muslims. That word today is a world free from violence and a Muslim world free from division and conflict.

In Iran, our Sunnis are not only our brothers, but also they defend our sovereignty, leader, law and the Constitution. Our Sunni brothers are even safeguarding our borders appropriately. In Kordestan Province, in Turkmen Sahra, part of Khorasan, Hormozgan, Sistan-Baloochestan, borders of this territory are being protected by our Sunni brothers. Our enemy wants to separate us from the real true Islam. The enemy wants to turn religion to the source of violence. All divine religions have been seeking human dignity. How come today in the name of Moses and the Jewish faith, they are killing innocent people in Palestine and slaughter women and children. Moses’ religion and the Jewish faith have been the religion of ethics not aggression. This is big deviation in an Abrahamic religion.  

In Palestine, they are committing murders in the name of the Jewish faith. In some parts of Asia, they are burning humans in the name of Buda. In the Middle East, a number of ignorant and unaware people or mercenaries are committing violence in the name of Islam and Jihad and destroying mosques, churches and temples. Islam is the same religion which tells us that Jihad and defense is not solely for the safeguard of mosques. If we really need to defend and stand and resist and hoist the flag of Jihad, our Quran says, we should also defend churches, synagogues and temples in addition to mosques. The verses in the holy Quran begin with the word “defense”. “Indeed the Almighty God defends the people of faith”. This is the first Jihadi verse in the holy Quran, defending the dignity, life, religion, freedom and religious democracy in society.

Today, this heavy burden of responsibility is on our shoulder. Yesterday, for the revival of Islam against Islamophobia, and today the revival of Islam against deviation and distortion. Let’s not allow the religion of Islam, which is the religion of blessing for all the mankind, which is the religion of defending the rights of all humans, which is the religion of fairness, moderation and mercy, be represented by the enemies of Islam, through terrorist groups, as the religion of murder, violence and destruction of civilizations and human common heritage.

We are the followers of the school of thought of the infallible household of the messenger of God—the same household which raised Imam Sajjad (AS) who during the days of coercion and intimidation, managed to start a move to return hope to society with reliance on the wave of morality and ethics. He managed to teach people to say the right word and if we, under the harshest circumstances of the time, are not able to speak frankly, we should talk and communicate with the language of sign.

If you are experiencing conditions under which you are unable to tell the ruler or the holder of power, he should behave humbly with the people, and should not bully other creatures, humans and societies, then you can utter the truth with this supplication that “Oh, my God, if I am offered a post in this society, I should feel more humbleness in myself”.

Imam Sajjad (AS) has expressed a rich collection of Islamic teachings in the form of prays parts of which are accessible in a well-known book, Sahifah Sajjadiya. When last year, the English translation of this book was published and distributed in Europe, America and Canada, it received an unexpected welcome. In fact, one thousand copies of this book was sold in a short period in those areas.

Today’s world cries for the Islam of knowledge and compassion. And Islam is the Islam of peace, resistance and steadfastness.

Imam Sajjad (AS) has explained all types of rights of humans, even the rights of people toward their own limbs, families and societies.

The religion of Islam is the religion of Ahl-ul beit and the law, rules, morality and ethics, which also form the foundation of the prophet hood of the Messenger of God to complement ethics and morality.

Today, at the global lever, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran announces that our power is concentrated in the shadow of our logic. Our power lies with our ability to negotiate and set up new discourses. We do not see our power in our mussels. Neither do we see our power in weapons and arms. Our power rests with logic and reasoning and hoisting the flag of peace. Atomic bombs have failed to bring security for the Zionist aggressors. Modern weapons, in the same manner, have not brought security for our neighbors—those who have bombarded a great, free and oppressed people as Yemenis with bombs and planes.

The power of security can be generated from science and technology, unity, integrity and solidarity as well as consolidation and morality. Our strength, scientific, moral and political power has never been and will be never used against any of the Muslim countries and neighbors in our region. With our ability and strength, we want to establish peace, stability and security in this region.    

We have demonstrated that with political power and logic, we are able to sit against the world’s biggest powers and force them to surrender against the inalienable right of our nation and admit and confess that these peoples are able to use the power of logic and reasoning to defend their rights to exploit sciences and technologies such as the peaceful nuclear technology and to put an end to sanctions and misguided resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.    

Your gathering in this auspicious conference aims to promote unity in the Islamic world in the name of the lovers of Ahl-ul beit (AS) for peace, stability and security in this region and the whole world, and to promote the teachings of Ahl-ul beit.

In Yemeni, Iraq, Lebanan, Syria and Palestine, there is no difference between a Shia and a Sunni. We want peace, security and brotherhood for all and development for the whole region.

Wassalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

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