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President at the destroyer Jamaran among journalists:

The military power of Iran is the source of comfort, reliability and security of the nation and region

Underlining the defensive nature of the Iranian Armed Forces, President Rouhani said, "We believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran can defend its territory and region well beside the regional states and there is no need to the presence of foreign forces in this region under any pretexts."

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Wed 31 - December 2014 - 13:59

Despite the sanctions during long periods the Navy and Air Forces are more powerful than ever, said president Rouhani to the reporters on the sidelines of his presence on the sixth day of the drills.
President Rouhani said that today Iran’s border security force and the Navy can have the strongest defensive line in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
"I am very pleased to witness a highly good display of power and defense show by the surface and subsurface vessels and aircraft of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army," said president Rouhani.
"This defensive capability brings tranquility, trust and security for both the Iranian nation and the regional nations and countries," he added.
The armed forces of Iran does not intend to violate any other country, and Iran and the countries of the region can defend their territories and do not require the presence of foreign forces in the region.
“I welcome all our armed forces, especially the Navy force that defends our country in every situation and the national interests in the world,” added the President Rouhani.
President Hassan Rouhani said the country's powerful Armed Forces are a main contributor to peace and security for all the regional states.

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