Nuclear talks will continue / Meeting with Cameron on Britain's request

Focusing on the achievements of his New York and Astrakhan visits, President Hassan Rouhani said that the UN General Assembly this year was significant due to several factors, including the widespread emergence of terrorism worldwide.

Mon 29 - September 2014 - 22:25

Dr.Rouhani made the remarks at a press conference upon his arrival at the capital Tehran after a tour that took him to New York and the Russian city of Astrakhan.
The president also made remarks about nuclear talks between Iran and the Sextet of world powers describing the talks as progressive.
President Rouhani said that we had seen many different issues related to Iran's nuclear issue, which was the sign of more serious will to resolve this issue. It seemed that they were all determined to find a solution for Iran's nuclear program.
President said his meeting with Cameron had been held upon a request by the British government.
"The meeting with David Cameron, the English premier, was requested by London and during his address he made a statement that was inappropriate,” President Rouhani said.
Dr.Rouhani said the meeting focused on Iran’s nuclear energy program, the issues of “violence,” and “instability” in the region along with Tehran-London bilateral ties.
President said he held several other meetings with high-ranking officials of different countries, including the presidents of France, Turkey, Iraq, Venezuela, and Switzerland as well as the premiers of Lebanon, and Japan.
president paid a two-day visit to Russia to attend the 4th summit of the Caspian Sea littoral states after he wrapped up his visit to New York where he attended the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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