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President at the Mehr Abad airport:

The UNGA is a place to proplerly echo the voice of Iranian nation to the world / Iranian nation share single view on nuclear issue

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that podium of the United Nations General Assembly is a place to properly echo the voice of Iranian nation to the world community.

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Mon 22 - September 2014 - 11:59

He made the remarks while speaking to reporters at the airport, prior to his departure for New York where he is to address the 69th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.
President said that this year, in addition to the annual general meeting, another meeting will be held on Climate.
He pointed to the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting, and said, "Several important points should be considered in this meeting; the first one being that some countries are after intimidating the regional countries and nations from Iran by falsely attributing certain actions and accusations to the Iranian nation and government."
President Rouhani noted that the Iranian government is fully democratic and within an electoral framework and Iranians are a people with ancient culture and civilization; a nation that has had no record of aggression throughout centuries, while it has even been attacked by some countries.
"The second point is Islamophobia as some people around the world are trying to intimidate the world from the noble culture of Islam," the Iranian president added.
President Rouhani said that Islam is a religion that encourages people to wisdom and it has no place for intimidation, adding that Islam is a religion that invites people to go after the acquisition of science, knowledge and culture and directs them towards a noble life.
"Unfortunately, some have introduced Islam as a religion of sword. This has not been the bent sword that has invited the people of the world to the region of Islam; rather it has been the correct deeds and behaviors of the Muslims that have invited the people of the world to Islam. We should explain the real Islam to the people of the world and we have the opportunity to do so."
He also pointed to the talks between Iran and the P5+1 underway in New York, and said, "As regards the nuclear issue, we have announced several times that we will not give up the rights that we are entitled to."
"No different voices are being heard from Iran's leadership and its nation about the country's peaceful nuclear program. They say "Yes" to peaceful nuclear activities and "No" to nuclear weapons," said the President.
President Rouhani reiterated that Tehran has never been after developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or nuclear weapons.
President Rouhani expressed hope that the Iranian side will succeed in explaining these facts in its talks with the P5+1.
If they fail to respect our rights, this would be for one hundred percent a lose-lose game and that would be harmful to everyone," said the President.
Stressing bilateral meetings with presidents and officials of other countries, the president also expressed hope that the interest of our country and other countries in the region will be provided during these meetings.

news id: 81089

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