President calls for the expansion of Iran-Kazakhstan cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani prior to his trip to Astana Kazakhstan's capital, talking to reporters said that this visit lasts for five days and explained that “four days are allocated to bilateral meetings with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan officials, and on the last day we will attend the Shanghai summit.”

Mon 08 - September 2014 - 15:34

“Kazakhstan is one of our most significant neighboring countries in regard to economy, science and technological cooperation in various fields as well as cooperation in the Caspian Sea,” he said in a statement.
President Rouhani said , “Iran is strategically an important route which connects central Asian states to the open waters. Therefore, the South-to-North Corridor is of great importance and subsequently Iran-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan railway project will soon be unveiled.”
President said in a meeting with Kazakh president our mainly discussion would be based on bilateral relations and also regional issues will be discussed at our meeting.
President Rouhani referring to his visit to Tajikistan after visiting Kazakhstan said: "There are strong relations between Iran and Tajikistan in various fields.
“There is also another highly important route which connects to Tajikistan and will go through China Railway and passes through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, and eventually reaches to the Persian Gulf,” he stated.
He also described this year’s SCO summit as highly important against the backdrop of the ongoing crises across the Middle East, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.
He added: “Although the Shanghai Summit heed to economic issues and cultural, but in fact is political and security organization is to establish security in the region."
President Rouhani asserted that many countries including Russia, China, India and Pakistan will also attend the summit and said, “this summit is a great opportunity for us to meet with the officials from these countries and also to voice the views of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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