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President in a meeting with his deputies and cabinet ministers:

National resolve needed for boosting economy, culture

President Hassan Rouhani, in a meeting with his deputies and cabinet ministers on Tuesday, said national resolve is needed to boost economy and culture urged by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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Wed 26 - March 2014 - 11:31

Referring to designation of the New Year as the year of ˈEconomy and Culture, with National Drive and Jihadi Managementˈ by the Supreme Leader, President Rouhani said issues and problems linked to economy and culture in today’s world are complicated and require much effort to solve them.
The president called on the Iranian nation to contribute to settlement of the economic and cultural problems and said the government’s efforts in that regard are not enough.
He said that the Supreme Leader’s emphasis on economy and culture in his message to the nation on the occasion of Nowrouz (the Persian New Year) had a particular significance.
If cultural and economical problems of a country are solved, other issues will prosper consequently, he said.

news id: 76232

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