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President meets with Members of Parliament from Yazd province

Iran is willing to develop relations with the outside world, President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday.

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Mon 17 - March 2014 - 14:28

He made the remarks in a meeting with Members of Parliament from Yazd province.
He criticized the western governments for imposing sanctions on Iran under the excuse of the national nuclear program and said that they pursued hostility with Iran magnifying the nuclear dispute.
He said that the western governments violated the international law and human rights by imposing the arbitrary sanctions.
Meanwhile, the president criticized the former government for lack of interest in resolving the nuclear dispute which gave the enemy an opportunity to strike a blow to Iran by the arbitrary sanctions.
He accused senior officials of the former government of taking advantage of the emergency situation caused by sanctions to misappropriate the public funds under the pretext to thwart the sanctions.
“Some individuals inside Iran made financial benefits out of the sanctions but government is determined to stand up to them and decrease impacts of the sanctions on ordinary people.”
President Rouhani underlined that government aims to make better diplomatic and economic relations with the world and prepare the ground for the economic development.
“Sanctions on Iran are illegal and the government is committed to decrease their impacts on people and convince the western governments to lift them.”

news id: 76103

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