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President in a meeting with Great Mufti of Oman:

Muslim Ulema have the duty to develop unity, brotherhood among Muslim Ummah

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Muslim Ulema have the duty to develop unity and brotherhood among the Muslim Ummah.

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Wed 12 - March 2014 - 19:39

Speaking to Great Mufti of Oman, Rouhani said Iranian and Omani religious leaders should build deeper bonds further.
He said Iran is willing to see Muslims are in unity both in Muslim world and in the region.
“The stronger the unity among Muslims, the more it will be to the benefit of Muslim world.”
“Iran has the belief that proximity among Islamic schools of thought will make Muslims further united and we hope the proximity will in the future lead to unity among Muslim countries,” President Rouhani said.
He said that further exchange of visits by big ulemas will bring the Muslim Ummah closer to each other.
The Omani Mufti said for his part that he welcomed His Excellency’s ideas on the Muslim World unity.
Deploring discord among the Muslim states, the Mufti said, “We believe that ignorance and plot of foreigners have been the cause of the tension and dispersion.”
The Mufti said that Muslim ulema believe that Muslims are brothers and hope that new generation of Muslim Ummah should disavow the extremist views.

news id: 75959

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