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In a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister:

President calls for boosting economic ties between Iran, Turkey

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday underlined promotion of economic cooperation between Iran and Turkey and welcomed plans to upgrade the level of exchanges between the two countries.

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Wed 27 - November 2013 - 14:25

In a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Wednesday, he referred to the fact that Geneva deal between Iran and 5+1 Group has removed the obstacles to the promotion of Iran’s ties with other countries, saying that Tehran and Ankara should raise commercial relations to an acceptable level in 2014.
Stating that paving the way for further development of cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields is a must, Rouhani said that Iran welcomes promotion of tourism ties which will help strengthen bilateral ties in other fields.
He also called for mutual cooperation in various joint projects in energy and petrochemical fields.
Citing fight against terrorism and extremism, safeguarding territorial integrity and unity among regional states and preserving stability and security as joint objectives of Iran and Turkey, he urged serious collaboration between the neighboring states.
“Iran and Turkey should promulgate the merciful attitude of Islam in today’s world,” he said, deploring the fact that some has presented a hostile interpretation of Islam.
The humanitarian and Islamic duty of the regional states is to fight tyranny and curb aggression, he said, noting that today the Zionist regime has launched aggression on the regional countries by violating international regulations on the one hand, and committing tyrannical acts against the Palestinian nation, on the other.
Turning to Syrian crisis, the president noted that both Iran and Turkey share common stances on the settlement of the crisis in the Arab state.
Syrian crisis has no military solution and it should be solved through serious negotiations between the insurgents and the government, Dr.Rouhani said.
Davuoglu, for his part, expressed pleasure with the agreement signed by Iran and 51+ Group and pointed out that the event will help enhance Iranˈs ties with entire world, regional countries in particular.
Expressing the interest of his country’s president, prime minister and other senior officials in hosting the Iranina president in future, he described Tehran-Ankara ties as unique.
Despite sanctions against Iran over the past ten years, the two countries have promoted their economic ties to the highest possible level, he said.
Underlining Iran’s presence in Geneva ii Meeting on Syrian crisis ,he said: “Tehran-Ankara cooperation is essential to solving regional problems.”
Iran and Turkey share identical views on fighting terrorism and extremism, he said.

news id: 73017

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