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President in a meeting with Lebanese Speaker:

Regional peace and stability and collective cooperation of the regional states is a government’s policy

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the Government of Hope and Prudence advocates regional peace and stability and collective cooperation of the regional states.

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Mon 25 - November 2013 - 19:58

President said in a meeting with Lebanese Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.
President Rouhani said since the colonialist powers created a forgery regime, called Israel, the regional problems have doubled.
He said that over the past 65 years the footprint of Zionists is observed in any trouble in the region.
He said that there is no way to save the region from war and bloodshed except for bringing the peoples in the region together and encourage solidarity.
He noted that powers have always been benefiting from regional and ethnic discord in their own favor.
“Over recent years, foreign military intervention resulted in growing bloodshed and troubles in the region and you can find no a single day without bloodshed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and even Lebanon.”
President Rouhani said that the terrorist bombing against Iranian Embassy in Beirut was one of the noteworthy events in the region.
“There is no doubt that, such terror incidents aim to stop us and you from resistance to Zionist regime’s occupation; however, such events would not prevent such big nations as Iran and Lebanon not to follow the lofty aspirations -- to stand up to occupation and carnage.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Dr.Rouhani said Lebanese people are on frontline of resistance to Zionist regime’s occupation and the stronger unity and integrity among different religions including Shia, Sunni Muslims and the Christians, will make us happy.”
On Syria, Dr.Rouhani said one of the very important and worrying problems is stationing of the professional terrorists in Syria from entire region, even other countries, including trans-regional states.
“We share common views on Syria and believe that problems of the country should be solved through dialogue and diplomaticy,” said the president.
Berri for his part congratulated Rouhani on his election and said the choice was amazing for both people of the region and the world.
He referred to twin terrorist bombings against Iranian Embassy in Beirut and said the blast was condemned by people, all religions and ethnic groups and political parties of Lebanon.

news id: 72940

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