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President in a press conference:

Iranian Nation displays,threat will not work

President Hassan Rouhani stated that the Iranian nation once again displayed dignity and grandeur in the trend of nuclear talks and made the western governments understand that they will get positive outcome whenever they show respect to the Iranian nation and that threat or intimidation will not work.

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Sun 24 - November 2013 - 14:42

President Rouhani made the remarks here Sunday in a press conference broadcast live.
“The Administration of Hope and Prudence seeks to create an atmosphere of trust between the Islamic Republic and countries that are interested in having friendly relations with this great nation,” he added.
He said that the propaganda campaign of enemies aiming to raise Iranophobia in public opinion was foiled thanks to the logical and rational negotiations led by the Iranian diplomatic team with the goal of confidence building.
He said his government has taken the first step towards having constructive interaction with the world countries.
World powers recognized Iran enrichment right
President Rouhani said the enrichment right of the Islamic Republic has been “explicitly”.
Dr.Rouhani added that Iran inherently has the right to enrich uranium due to being a Non-Proliferation Treaty signatory, but the recognition of this right by the world powers is “politically valuable.”
He explained that his government which took to office in August, upgraded the nuclear talks to the ministerial level first in New York and then in Geneva.
President Rouhani said as a result of negotiations, the world powers realized that sanctions against Iran are futile and only respect for the Iranian nation would prove effectual.
“The deal states that all sanctions will be lifted on a step by step basis as negotiations continue,” Dr.Rouhani said.
President noted that the interim deal is an “important achievement” but a “first step” toward resolving an “unnecessary crisis”, stressing that the two sides need to work together based on “equal footing, mutual respect and common benefits” to settle the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.
Enrichment to continue
President Rouhani stated that Iran is going to continue enrichment activities.
President said that Iran’s nuclear achievements are just manifestations of the nation’s dignity and grandeur.
Addressing the nation, President Rouhani said that enrichment program is to go on.
President added that the country’s enrichment activities would continue, adding that activities at Natanz, Fordow, Arak and Isfahan as well as Bandar Abbas facilities would be maintained.
Sanctions system to collapse
President Rouhani said the nuclear deal with Group 5+1 forced the sanctions system to collapse.
He offered a brief overview of the diplomatic campaign against the arbitrary sanctions.
The result of the talks, the President added, was that the western governments came to recognize Iran’s nuclear rights.
Dr.Rouhani noted that comprehensive nuclear negotiations would begin immediately, adding that with a comprehensive agreement all sanctions against Iran, including those imposed by the UN and unilateral bans imposed by the EU and US, will be gradually removed.
He said that Iran, as a signatory, has an inalienable right to the nuclear technology enshrined by the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
He said the agreement meant that the structure of sanctions will fall apart.
Honoring the families of the nuclear martyrs
President invited the families of the nuclear martyrs to join him behind the podium in the honor of the efforts and bravery of the martyred nuclear scientists.
President Rouhani said the latest success of Iran in the nuclear talks was the outcome of the resistance and patience of all Iranian nuclear scientists especially of those of the martyrs and their families.
Dr.Rouhani added that the deal had been made possible due to “Iranian people’s vote for moderation,” referring to the June presidential election which brought him to power.

news id: 72913

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