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Dr.Rouhani in a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister:

West should not miss unique opportunity

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that West should seize the unique opportunity and clinch a deal with the Islamic republic of Iran on nuclear dispute.

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Sat 09 - November 2013 - 19:54

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.
The Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan with reliance on their deep rooted ties and relations can boost relations and Iran attaches importance to expansion of economic cooperation with Japan, Dr.Rouhani said.
President Rouhani said that there is suitable ground for expansion of political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries which should be utilized.
“Since Japan is a member of IAEA Board of Governors, our expectation from the Japanese government is very high,” he said.
He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has attended the nuclear talks with G5+1 with more strength.
Iran will enlighten the world public opinion about peaceful nuclear activities and indicate that the country’s nuclear sites and activities are under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency and within NPT, he said adding that Iran is to remove any ambiguities about its peaceful nuclear activities.
President Rouhani said that the fact is that suspension or sanctions could not help resolve the issue, rather, they make it more complicated, adding that he believes that the issue should be resolved through negotiations and on mutual respect and trust.
“We believe that resolve of nuclear issues help restore stability and tranquility to the entire region,” he said.
ˈThe negotiating parties should bear in their mind that this opportunity was created following recent presidential election in Iran as the Iranian peopled called for establishing a constructive interaction with the world,ˈ Rouhani said.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to expand cooperation with Japan in all sectors, he said, adding that the two countries can cooperate in protecting environment and fight against drug trafficking.
President Rouhani also welcomed expansion of parliamentary cooperation between Iran and Japan.
The Japanese foreign minister, for his part, expressed pleasure with the visit to Tehran and conveyed the warm greetings of Japanese premier to President Rouhani and his call for consolidation of ties between Tehran and Tokyo.
Japan attaches importance to Iran for its vital role in the region as well as its cultured people, said the Japanese foreign minister.
He said that Japan is willing to hold consultations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on global issue.
Referring to positive atmosphere in Geneva talks between Iran and G5+1 and the change of attitude of the negotiating parties towards the country, he said, ˈwe hope these efforts to bear fruit at the earliest.ˈ
The Islamic Republic of Iran as a big country can play a vital role in restoring stability and security in the region, said the Japanese foreign minister.
The Japanese foreign minister called for cooperation in various fields such as dealing with the environmental degradation of Orumiyeh lake, controlling earthquake, campaign against drug trafficking as well as crisis in energy sector.

news id: 72662

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