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President addressing a group of members of parliament representing Fars province:

Ground should be prepared for entry of the private sector into business

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the ground should be prepared for entry of the private sector into business, while encouraging foreign investors to bring in their capital to Fars Province.

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Mon 04 - November 2013 - 14:21

Addressing a group of Members of Parliament representing Fars Province, President Rouhani said government has plans to bring down the inflation rate below 30 percent in the next Iranian year of 1393 (2014-15).
President said : “The government has focused efforts on striking balance to indices of the macro economy before start of the new year and bring down inflation to about 30 percent from 40 percent.”
Government is under economic pressure, being unhappy with sufferings caused by the arbitrary sanctions, the president said, adding that government wants current economic indices get better to get the general condition of the country improved.
“Of course the main job in this regard lies with government, which is now facing scarcity of resources.”
He said government seeks lifting the arbitrary sanctions imposed on the nation.

“However, this does not mean we should not be hopeful with removal of problems. Of course, we should always notify the point that we should not expect all problems be removed overnight.”
President that the Iranian government does its best to get existing unfair economic sanctions lifted at the earliest.
Referring to the country’s economic problems, he said it should be noted that these economic issues will not be resolved in the short run.
Iran should do its best to vindicate its legitimate rights, said President Rouhani.
The economic sanctions imposed on Iran were not accidental or something happning within a year or two, he said, adding that lifting of complicated sanctions require enough time and procedures and to this end the role and support of the Iranian people and parliament is of prime importance.
The government needs Majlis support to defend the country’s national interests in nuclear talks, he said.

news id: 72540

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