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Cabinet session chaired by the Dr.Rouhani

President Rouhani here on Sunday as reporting at the beginning of the cabinet session of his government about the objectives and plans of his visit of New York to attend the 68th UN annual General Assembly.

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Sun 29 - September 2013 - 20:49

Pointing out that evolution of the foreign relations is a national wish and demand, he added, “In this visit while preserving the basic stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran, refraining from extremism, and observing the ethical rules and politeness in it relations, the government pursuing our country’s objectives.”
The president emphasized, “The government considers it the defender of public interests and spends efforts aimed at materializing national interests.
He appreciated the noble Iranian nation, saying, “The Iranian election changed the worldview about our country and created a very appropriate atmosphere for hearing the righteous messages of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
Dr.Rouhani reiterated, “The plans pursued in this visit were opportunities for elaborating those stances.”
In talks with my American counterpart I concentrated on preserving our country’s nuclear rights
On his phone talk with the US President Barack Obama, too, he said, “I mainly focused in that talk on resolving the Iranian nuclear issue and preserving the nuclear rights of our country.”
He added, “In that (phone) talk accelerating the efforts aimed at eliminating of the obstacles in the way, too, was agreed by both sides.”
After hearing the president’s report the cabinet members while voicing their full support for his programs during the visit and considering as precious its achievements appreciated President Rouhani’s wise conduct in improvement of international relations and precise elaboration of the basic stances of our country.

news id: 72084

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