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Dr.Rouhani's interview with CNN

Iran has never been and will never be after developing nuclear weapons, President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday in New York in an interview with the US Cable News Network (CNN).

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Wed 25 - September 2013 - 03:51

The interview took place at President Rouhani’s residence in New York.
President is currently in New York to attend the 68th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. He addressed the UNGA on Tuesday.
Reiterating Iran’s legitimate right to pursue nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, the President told CNN that making use of weapons of mass destruction is against religious and ethical beliefs of the Iranian nation.
He said that Iranians, like other world’s nations, would pursue their legitimate rights within the framework of the international regulations and without any discrimination.
Referring to the anti-Iran sanctions, President Rouhani said sanctioning Iran was an inhuman move and against all international laws and regulations.
We believe that exerting pressure on a nation would lead to no result since mounting hatred would reduce the chance of establishing peace and friendship.
Commenting on Syria, President Rouhani voiced Tehran’s readiness to cooperate with any country to put an end to the ongoing civil war there.
No third country has the right to decide for the future of Syrians, stressed the President.

news id: 71679

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