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President's speech in a ceremony to mark the start of the national Sacred Defense

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday stressed that Iran and its armed forces are no threat to the neighboring states but rather a factor of stability and peace in the region.

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Sun 22 - September 2013 - 15:02

Addressing a ceremony to mark the start of the national Sacred Defense Week, he said those who were ignoring international regulations were the actual threat to the region.
Threat is a regime which has stockpiled nuclear and mass killing weapons ignoring all international regulations on weapons of mass destruction, said the President without mentioning the name of a specific country.
He stressed that Iran's armed forces would only use their military power for defense purpose and not for anything else.
Referring to Iran as a revolutionary country, president stressed, A revolutionary country has no need to aggression.
All regional states from the North Africa and Asia to the Middle East should learn religious democracy from Iran's military forces, President Rouhani said.
He stressed that Iran's revolution was a cultural revolution and that was why the country enjoyed a cultural influence among regional countries.
Outlining the bravery of the Iranian nation and armed forces during the eight years of sacred defense, President Rouhani said those who supported the aggressor would sooner or later face outcomes of their actions.
Pointing to the support for terrorism by certain countries, President Rouhani noted that what the terrorists were doing in the region was the result of the acts of those countries which created those terrorist groups.

news id: 71431

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