President's speech in a national gathering of Friday Prayers leaders

President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday underlined that sanctions on Iran by the West cannot undermine the country's resolve, adding that the Iranian nation is determined to resist against political and economic pressures.

Tue 10 - September 2013 - 13:01

Addressing a national gathering of Friday Prayers leaders here on Tuesday, president said, "The West must understand that it will not achieve success through sanctions and pressures against the Iranian nation.”
“If the West uses the language of logic, reason and mutual interests on an equal footing, the Iranian administration is also ready to respond in the language of wisdom, prudence and logic,” Dr.Rouhani underlined.
He said enemies now have to realize the fact that the language of the Iranian government is that of prudence.
He stressed that the West should know that if it fails to use a noble language while addressing Iran, it will achieve nothing.
Turning to situation in Syria, he noted that the Middle East region which has been suffering from many harsh problems is now facing new challenges.
President Rouhani said Syria is of prime importance for Iran because of the role it plays in safeguarding the resistance movement.
He said that the Iranian government has been mobilizing efforts in the past couple of weeks to either stop war in Syria or make the war-mongers repent their actions if it happens.
Iran has been dispatching humanitarian aids especially foodstuff and flour to Syria to help the defenseless Muslims, he added.
Pointing out that many western countries including the UK have voted against the war in Syria, he said they know that the war-mongers along with their regional allies will suffer grave damage if they start yet another war in Syria.
President said nuclear talks may take place in New York and then after it negotiations with the 5+1, too, are likely to happen in its due venue.
President Rouhani underlined that the Iranian government is fully ready for talks using the language of wisdom, prudence and logic if the West too uses the language of respect, mutual interest and equal positions.

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