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Dr.Rouhani's speech at the 14th Summit of the Assembly of Experts

President Hassan Rouhani described foreign meddling and support for terrorism as the main reasons behind the problems of the Middle East, including Syria.

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Wed 04 - September 2013 - 15:06

President Rouhani made the remarks at the 14th Summit of the Assembly of Experts on Wednesday.
Dr.Rouhani deplored a possible US attack on Syria, and underlined that the Islamic Republic will continue dispatch of it humanitarian aids to the Muslim country.
“Under difficult living conditions of the Syrian people, the (Iranian) government will continue sending its humanitarian aid and assistance (to them) while condemning any hostile act against the regional countries, especially Syria,” said president Rouhani.
Dr.Rouhani stated: “We strongly condemn any hostile measure against regional countries, particularly Syria,” Dr.Rouhani adding, “Today, our region suffers from a severe crisis and is in a sensitive condition -- a clear example of which is seen in Syria.”
He also reaffirmed Tehran’s resolve to continue humanitarian support for the Syrian nation, saying, “If Syrians face problems, the Islamic Republic of Iran will fulfill its religious and humanitarian duties to provide food and medicine for Syrians.”
President Hassan Rouhani has warned that any military action against Syria will have harmful ramifications for the Middle Eastern countries and the US allies.
Dr.Rouhani added: “Iran, as it has stated before, considers any action against Syria not only harmful to the region but also to the US friends and believes that such a measure will not benefit anyone.”

news id: 70920

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