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Press conference of the presidents of Iran and Turkey;

Ayatollah Raisi: The two countries determined to improve level of economic, trade ties/ Erdoğan: Ayatollah Raisi's approach in developing ties with neighbours very valuable

Referring to the goal of increasing the annual trade volume between the two countries to 30 billion dollars, the presidents of Iran and Turkey said, "Considering the determination of Tehran and Ankara to expand economic cooperation and trade relations, the goal of increasing the annual trade volume of the two countries to 30 billion dollars can be reached".

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Tue 19 - July 2022 - 17:17

In a press conference with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Mr Erdoğan's visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran is a turning point in the direction of relations between the two countries and will improve the level of these relations".
Stating that the two countries are determined to improve the level of economic and trade relations, the President added, "In the negotiations we had, the improvement of the level of relations in various fields was discussed. The current level of commercial and economic relations between the two countries is definitely not enough considering the existing capacities and can be formed at a higher level".
Dr Raisi also stated that it is possible to target a trade volume of 30 billion dollars between the two countries, which is three times the current level of annual trade between Iran and Turkey, and stated, "The establishment of industrial towns and science and technology parks between the two countries jointly, the extension of the 25-year contract for gas transfer and the increase in the volume of export of gas and the development of investment between the two countries, focusing on the companies that are active in both countries, were among the axes of today's negotiations and agreements".
The President also described the cooperation between the two countries in security matters very important, saying, "Ensuring the security of the borders of the two countries was one of the points that were emphasised in the negotiations. Also, the fight against terrorism, the fight against drugs and the fight against organised crime were other points emphasised by both countries".
Ayatollah Raisi stated that whatever name it has, terrorism endangers the security of the people and threatens the security of the borders, and therefore countering it should be emphasised, adding, "Today, western countries have show double standards in the fight against terrorism, and this is rejected by us. In today's talks, we emphasised that terrorism, by whatever name it wants to be called, must be fought in order to guarantee the security of the two countries and the security of the borders".
The President further referred to the two countries' emphasis on strengthening cooperation in regional issues, especially in the field of territorial integrity of Syria, and said, "Good relations between Iran and Turkey can lead to good regional and international relations between the two countries. Powerful countries like Islamic Iran and Turkey can play an effective role in providing and maintaining regional security and international security".
Dr Raisi said, "I believe that the negotiations between the presidents of Iran and Turkey will play an effective and constructive role in strengthening the will and actions of the two countries in the form of bilateral, regional and international cooperation".
In this press conference, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, referred to the holding of 7 successful sessions of the Supreme Cooperation Council between Turkey and Iran, and said, "The approach of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop relations with neighbours is very valuable, and I am sure that the continuation of these consultations will bring about a leap in Iran-Turkey relations".
Referring to the topics raised in the bilateral meeting with Ayatollah Raisi and also the high delegations of the two countries in the field of political, military, economic, cultural and commercial issues, he added, "We had previously aimed to reach a trade volume of 30 billion dollars, which unfortunately due to the spread of coronavirus, this volume of trade decreased significantly. Currently, the trade volume of the two countries has reached 7 billion dollars, but we believe that with the determination of the two countries, we will be able to reach the trade volume of 30 billion dollars".
The President of Turkey also described the cooperation in the development of defence and oil and gas industries by the two countries as important and effective in reaching the target of trade of 30 billion dollars.
In another part of his speech, Erdoğan mentioned the importance of the issue of fighting terrorism and stating that he attaches great importance to the solidarity of the two countries in these issues, he clarified, "Terrorist groups active in the region in any country disrupt stability and peace, so we must fight with these terrorist organisations in full solidarity".

news id: 138119

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